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Financial Times 13,206 / Phssthpok

Posted by Agentzero on October 13th, 2009


An interesting variety of clues today, and some unusual words.

1 SHISH KEBAB *(KISS BABE H H) H H is “H[ard] twice”
7 SACK dd
9 FREE d&cd
10 BUDGERIGAR BUDGE (shift) RI (Rhode Island=state) GAR (fish)
11 PITTAS SAT (took, as in “sat an examination”) TIP (suggestion), all reversed.  This was the last to fall for me, since I was only familiar with the spelling pitas
12 INTEGERS *(STEERING) All integers are real numbers, but not all integers are natural numbers; the natural numbers are only the non-negative integers
13 TEA CHEST TEACHES (trains) T (“stow,” second piece)  For the longest time I thought “stow” was a container indicator and that an S (for “second”) needed to be inserted somewhere
15 HIDE Odd letters of HaIrDyE (“even fragments … removed”)
17 SPIT TIPS (ends) reversed.  A “spit” as in a spit of land
19 NEAP TIDE APT I (apartment one) in EDEN (garden) reversed
22 MAHARAJA Reversed in A JAR A HAMburger.  The answer is at one end of the fodder, rather than contained within it
23 DEJA VU First letters of Despair Embraces Jailer After Visiting Underground
25 RAMSHACKLE *(ARCH LEAKS + M (motorway))
26 DUNE N (noon) in DUE (expected)
27 MEWS dd
28 IATROGENIC *(ORIGINATE + C[linic]) An &lit.  An iatrogenic condition is a complication brought about by the therapy or treatment directed at another condition
2 HEROINE HEROIN + E (one drug after another)
3 SMELT dd
4 KIBOSHED B.O. (horrible smell) + SHE in KID (small child)
5 BADMINTON RACKET d&cd; Badminton is the site of a famous showjumping competition
6 BREATH RE (about) inside BATH (something else drawn)
7 SLINGSHOT SLINGS (gets rid of) HOT (stolen)
8 CHARRED CHARMED (enchanted) with R (queen) replacing M (maiden)
14 CATHARSIS CATHAR (Christian sect) S (society) IS.  I think the sect are referred to as “the Cathars,” so CATHAR should have been clued as “member of Christian sect.”
16 SAN DIEGO SAN DI (homophone of “sandy,” i.e., “like a beach”) + EGO (I)
18 PLACATE AT in PLACE (home)
20 DA VINCI VIN (French wine) C (Catholic) in DAI (Welsh man)
21 WASABI SAW (looked) reversed + A + BI[te] (half bite)
24 JUDGE G (good) in JUDE (referring to the Thomas Hardy novel Jude the Obscure).

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