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Azed 1950

Posted by John on October 18th, 2009


As always Azed produces a top-class grid, with four words crossing it completely and two more almost doing so. As a result, of course, there are many words that need a painstaking hunt through Chambers, but they are all clued soundly and fairly.

1 ENCEPHALARTOS — (hose plant care)*
11 F(ERA)L
12 ATOC — a species of skunk and ‘a to c’, suggesting ABC and ‘easy as ABC’
13 OAT H — ‘oons’ is an archaic word for an oath
14 LO(A)VE — to loave is to form a head as in a cabbage
16 HOW(B)E — an old way of saying ‘yet’
17 GI GUE — ref ‘GI Blues'; a gue is a kind of viol formerly used in Shetland
19 BAPU — (a pub)*; a bapu is a Hindi spiritual father
20 C(ROPE)AR — a crop-ear is an obsolete word for a person, horse, dog etc with cropped ears
21 GYNAECOMAST — (stance may go)*
27 Y{o}U{r} FT — Russia leather
29 YELTS — l in (stye)*
30 GAUDI{est}
31 IXTLE — {t}(extil)*{e}
32 matcH UNGovernable
33 STOT — a stot is a stupid oaf and also means ‘beat’, and wordplay as well: (tots)rev.
34 arrearS witH lifE dO dwelL
35 TAKE TO T(HEBE)NT — a Scottish phrase meaning to take flight
4 PLEIN-AIRIST — (painter I lilies — lie)*
5 HAG GLE{am}
6 L OPER{a}
7 ACHROMATISE — ach(amorist)*e
8 ROOP — this required much research: it’s (poor)rev. and the reference is to Lady Macbeth’s line ‘the raven himself is hoarse’. A roop is a hoarse sound.
9 TAWSE — {miscrean}T (weals — L)*
10 SH(EARST)EEL — sh(earst)eel — what an effort it was to find out that a sheel is a hut. I suppose Azed just knows that.
11 FLY-BY-NIGHT — fly b (thingy)*
15 SUCCEED — ce in (decus)rev.
22 OOLITH — (I tool)* h{atchet}
23 SUTTEE — s(tut)*ee — some people might object to the mere statement that suttee is barbaric, but one definition of ‘barbaric’ in Chambers is simply ‘foreign’
25 hooCH UNKnowingly — I’m not quite sure where the bar comes in [Large section of bar maybe tucked into hooch unknowingly]
26 TYPTO — (potty)*
28 {B}E(DG)E{b} — nice clue — director-general

11 Responses to “Azed 1950”

  1. Andrew Kitching says:

    Got off to a good start, but struggled with NE corner , then realised I’d got OAST instead of OATH. Corrected that, but needed help with 10- tough!

  2. bridgesong says:


    I wondered about the bar in 25 down as well, as the clue could work perfectly well without it. Perhaps it’s a reference to a chunky chocolate bar?

  3. Harris says:

    Curses! Finished it but with one wrong at 8dn. We went for ‘rook’ in the end, on the basis that it means something like raven – couldn’t decide on the wordplay. Bit of a difficult clue, that one. Otherwise an enjoyable puzzle, thought 28dn was inspired.

  4. The trafites says:

    Re 25dn, I think Azed is using ‘bar maybe’ (as in chocolate bar) as an example, as Chambers states chunk = ‘a thick piece of anything’ – and most people break up a bar of chocolate into chunks.


  5. liz says:

    Thanks, John. Took a lot of time to make sure I spelled SHEARSTEEL correctly. As you say, finding ‘sheel’ was not easy. I got 35ac from the wordplay, but only verified the def when I eventually looked up ‘bent’.

    The one I got wrong was 12ac. I had ‘apoc’, with perhaps the slightly strange justification that it might be an acronym for ‘a piece of cake’.

  6. bobvl says:

    I give up…where did you find SHEEL = hut?
    Page and location in CH, please-
    Bob in Sarasota=

  7. The trafites says:

    bobvl #6, look under shiel…; shiel -> sheal <- sheel. Bloody Chambers (sometimes). Took me a while to it find too, but Bradford's listed it so I knew it had to be there somewhere. I still do not understand the cross reference[s] though.


  8. The trafites says:

    bobvl, #6, look under shiel[2] (page 1438). My origianl post was spam trapped, so it will appear here soon.


  9. Paul B says:

    Bobvl – do you remember a ‘Mog’? I apologise if I’ve got this all wrong, but I *think* you may know of that wonderful character.

  10. stevem says:

    Chambers doesn’t say sheel=hut. It says sheel=sheal[1]=to shell or husk. But it is sheal[2] that is a hut via shiel[2].

  11. Richard Heald says:

    Stevem is absolutely right about sheel and hut. Azed has made this sort of cross-referencing error before.

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