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Financial Times 13,213 / Dogberry

Posted by Gaufrid on October 21st, 2009


This was one for those who don’t like cryptic definitions (there weren’t any) or double definitions (only one).

Some very good surfaces and misdirection but I had a feeling of déjà vu with a few of the clues, or at least parts of the wordplay, not that this detracted from the solving pleasure since it was made up for elsewhere.

1 POPLAR  POP[u]LAR (much-loved hollow)
4 HOBNOB  N (new) in HOBO (vagrant) B (book)
8 UNEARTH  EAR (audience) in *(HUNT)
9 PENSION  PEN (write) SION (sacred city)
11 ACCOMPLISH  CO (officer) in *(CALM SHIP)
12 RIDE  R (river) IDE (fish)
13 JEANS  JE (I, in French) ANS (briefly reply)
14 ENSEMBLE  hidden in ‘womENS EMBLEm’
16 CHARCOAL  CHAR (cleaner) COAL (fuel)
18 EGYPT  GYP (suffering) in ET (classic film)
20 CARP  R (river) in CAP (do better than)
21 METALLURGY  MET (bumped into) URG[e] (endless lust) in ALLY (friend)
23 MAFIOSO  SO (thus) IF (provided) reversed in MAO (dictator)
24 TITULAR  TIT (bird) LA (modern city) in UR (ancient one)
25 STENCH  S[ea] TENCH (fish)
26 THREAD  H (husband) in TREAD (step)

1 PANIC  AN in PIC (photo)
2 PIANOLA  IAN (boy) in POLA[r] (type of bear almost)
3 ANTIPASTO  AN TIP (insider’s advice) AS TO (concerning)
5 OBEAH  OBE (honour) A [witc]H
6 NOSTRUM  NO ST (paragon anything but) RUM (strong drink)
7 BLOOD CLOT  B (born) *(COLD) in LOOT (ill-gotten wealth)
13 JOHN ADAMS  *(HONDA) in JAMS (21 down sessions)
15 SHELLFISH  ‘selfish’ (egotistical) as said by someone inebriated
17 REPRISE  REP (seller) RISE (financial reward)
19 YOUTUBE  OUT (old-fashioned) in BUY reversed (over-purchase) E[gg] (egghead)
21 MUSIC  US (American) in MIC[e] (detailed vermin)
22 GRAND dd

2 Responses to “Financial Times 13,213 / Dogberry”

  1. smiffy says:

    Hi Gaufrid,

    As you correctly allude, there are a few “tried and tested” mechanisms on display today, but I thought this was a much better puzzle overall than yesterday’s.

    Re: 18A – It’s long been my (mis?)understanding that the word “gyp” derives ultimately from Egyptian, so maybe this clue is a little flawed, by way of the circular reference.

  2. Gaufrid says:

    Hi smiffy
    Unfortunately I have seen variations of 12a, 16a,
    5d, 6d and 15d before so these didn’t entertain me as much as they might otherwise have done and ‘detailed vermin’ is becoming something of an old chestnut.

    Regarding ‘gyp’, both Collins and COED indicate that this word came into being in the 19th century, probably as a contraction of gee-up.

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