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Independent 7181/Dac

Posted by John on October 21st, 2009


I was slowed by two words of which I’ve never heard, one of which I can find in no English dictionary; and there’s one more I’m not very comfortable with. Otherwise (at least) the usual high-class crossword from Dac.

Has anyone noticed the time when the new day’s puzzle goes online? I often like to do my blog in the small hours, but at 12.20 this morning yesterday’s crossword was still there, so I decided not to wait and went to bed instead.

4 BUSH TEA{m} — an increasingly popular drink that some people (like Mma Ramotswe ) swear by
8 SALOON BAR — two senses of this expression
10 GRAFT — two defs
11 ANTONIA — (a nation)*
12 mONTH E.G. October — a nicely-hidden hidden
13 CIVIC CENTRES — (revisit C C C)* around {K}en{T}
17 PETERBOROUGH — P (bother rogue)* — the anagram indicator seems to be ‘created': a bit tenuous?
20 P(REV 1)EW
21 AC(CU’S)E {lawye}R
23 ECLAT — C in (tale)rev.
25 SAMO{s} YE’D
1 BISMARCK — not sure here: ‘his currency’ is the mark, which gives MARCK, and I suppose that BIS is a Swiss bank. Is it the ‘Bank for International Settlements’ mentioned in Chambers?
2 RELATIVE — (ate liver)*
3 F{ea}R OWN
4 BORLOTTI BEANS — (on bistro table)* — some research needed here, as I’d never heard of them
5 SIGHTSEER — “site sere” — good bit of misdirection: the definition is simply ‘Tourist’
9 B RAVE NEW WORLD — ref. Dvorak’s symphony
14 CHEMISTRY — two defs
15 NURSLING — (run)rev. sling
16 CHA RITES — but I can find nothing in the dictionaries here. Is it simply the French word charités?
18 U(P SET)S
19 BEDLAM — (blamed)* [edited after my silly mistake first time round]
22 internationAL RACket — hidden rev.

10 Responses to “Independent 7181/Dac”

  1. nmsindy says:

    It’s the Graces from mythology,

  2. cholecyst says:

    Yup…THE KHARITES (or Charites), also commonly known as the Graces, were three goddesses of grace, beauty, adornment, mirth, festivity, dance and song.

  3. Eileen says:


    CHARITES is in Chambers, under ‘Charis’, which is the singular.

  4. IanN14 says:

    Hello John,
    I don’t know how the puzzle wasn’t available to you at 12.20.
    I started mine at shortly after midnight, which is when they usually become available…

  5. Ali says:

    Great stuff as ever from Dac, though he beat me on GRAFT and SIGHTSEER.

    I had 25A as SAMO[-a],YE’D, but probably just a typo above.

    I didn’t check this morning, but yesterday’s Virgilius was definitely online just after midnight.

  6. nmsindy says:

    I think it’s SAMOS as John says, that’s an island (in the Aegean) whereas Samoa is more a group of islands, I think.

  7. RayFolwell says:

    19d is (blamed)*

    I thought of SAMOA as I had not heard os SAMOS

  8. Paul B says:

    Collins says BIS =

    Bank for International Settlements: an institution, based in Basel, Switzerland, that accepts deposits, makes loans for national central banks, and assists in offsetting speculative movements of funds between the major currencies; set up in 1930.

  9. NealH says:

    I’d slightly take issue with whether BIS is a Swiss Bank. It seems to be an international institution which happens to be based in Switzerland. It seems a bit like describing the UN as an American organisation because it has offices in New York. Other than that, I really enjoyed this one. 5 down was particularly good – I was really convinced for a long time that it had to be “sun something”.

  10. John says:

    Probably the fact that before midnight I had called up the Virgilus puzzle was the reason why my machine (but what part of it I’m not sure) couldn’t recognise that a new puzzle was on the site. In future I must be careful not to look at the previous day’s puzzle.

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