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Guardian 24837 / Logodaedalus

Posted by mhl on October 22nd, 2009


We got through this very fast indeed – I don’t think there’s much that should have caused problems. The surface readings are very nice throughout.

8. ACHILLES CHILL in SEA = “tide” reversed
9. AGENTS A + GEN = “knowledge” + ST reversed = “backstreet”
10. NUTS STUN reversed
11. BACKGROUND BACK = “old” (as in “back issues”) + GROUND = “stadium”
14. IMITATED TATE in DIM = “foolish” + I = “one” reversed
15. BEDROOM ED[ward] = “little boy” in BROOM
20. ETHEREAL REA[d] = “read pretty nearly” in ETHEL = “noble woman”. Googling ‘ethel “baby names” meaning’ suggests that “Ethel” means “noble”
23. PLAYED DOWN PLAYED = “Acted” + DOWN = “fine feathers”
24. DODO DO = “party” + DO = “another”
25. INTERN Hidden answer
1. ACCURATE AC = “account” + CURATE
2. TIPS Double definition
3. GLOBAL GAL = “old girl” around LOB = “tennis shot”
4. PSYCHIC (SPY)* + CHIC = “smart”
5. BARGAINS BAR = “pub” + GAINS + “profits”
6. DECORATION DEC = “December” + ORATION = “speech”
7. STANCE ST = “holy man” + AN = “one” + CE = “church”
13. NURSERYMEN NURSERY = “place for tots” + MEN = “males”
16. OVERDONE Double definition: Mistress Overdone is in Measure for Measure
18. IMMODEST IM = “I’m” + MODES = “fashions” + T = “time”; “not lacking” is just acting as a link, like “with”, I think
21. TALENT TA = “thanks” + LENT = “fast”
22. CANARD NA[me] “Name half hidden” in CARD = “communication”
24. DRIP DR = “doctor” + PI = “good” reversed; PI as in “pious”, I think only seen in crosswords nowadays…

12 Responses to “Guardian 24837 / Logodaedalus”

  1. Bryan says:

    Many thanks, mhl, this was as easy as they come.

    The only problems that I encountered were: in trying to fix a geographical location to Desdemona’s passing (15a); and in sorting out 20a and 16d.

    I’m no good on Shakespeare.

  2. cholecyst says:

    Very easy. Did the paper’s resident glitcher paste in the Quick Crossword in error?

  3. Ian says:

    Straightforward in every respect. 15ac last to go in. 27′ to complete.

  4. rob lewis says:

    After yesterday’s more tortuous approach this did feel a lot easier (<15mins) – no doubt something fiendish is planned for tomorrow and Saturday after luling me into this false sense of superiority

  5. enitharmon says:

    Nice to see my favourite Shakey in the mix today.

    Mistress Overdone keeps a bawdy-house in the suburbs. Nobody now plays her as anything other than as a prototype of Cynthia Payne, although as we all, as word enthusiasts, know that’s not what ‘suburbs’ meant in them days.

  6. Qaos says:

    No complaints here – it’s nice to have the odd easy puzzle. I only hope that those who are new to cryptic crosswords managed to have a go, as there was almost nothing obscure in any of the cluing (other than maybe the Shakespeare reference).

  7. liz says:

    Thanks, mhl. Easy but enjoyable. The most trouble I had was with TIPS and NUTS. Took a while before I remembered ‘nut’ as ‘enthusiast’. Didn’t know the association of ‘ethel’ with ‘noble’ — thanks for that!

  8. Ed H says:

    Spare a thought for those of us who are newer to the game! If it weren’t for the likes of Rufus, Logodaedalus, Arachne and Gordius I would have given up ages ago, bored of getting (initially) a couple of clues at best in a Paul or Araucaria.

    I very nearly completed today’s (missed 16dn) and couldn’t get 2dn or 10ac having mistakenly entered ‘Hercules’ for 8ac and ‘Revocate’ for 1dn (there was a parsing logic there somewhere, stronger for 1dn admittedly…). It’s in getting near completing these and learning the tricks of the trade that there’s an incentive to keep plugging away at the tougher setters.

  9. JimboNWUK says:

    Shakespeare, Shmakespeare…. no access to Google = no blimmin chance with classics-related-clues as far as I am concerned. Phooey.

  10. smutchin says:

    I didn’t get 15a or 16d due to gaps in my knowledge, but unlike Jimbo, I consider the clues fair enough. What has society come to if Shakespeare is considered obscure?

  11. rrc says:

    a good crossword, many of the clues made me smile, but got held up by 15a and 16d. I was expecting erudite answers but eventually felt slightly cheated with the actual answers.

  12. stiofain says:

    re the ongoing guardian typo/web imcompetence issue there was a letter in todays paper from a recent prize crossword winner who received a note along with her dictionary that ended in “Kind Reguards”

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