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Independent 7183 by Phi

Posted by nmsindy on 23rd October 2009


Quite tricky for a Phi puzzle, enjoyable as always, solving time, 30 mins

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Financial Times 13,215 / Falcon

Posted by shuchi on 23rd October 2009


Many witty clues with nice surfaces today. I found this pleasant and not too tough.

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Guardian 24,838 (Pasquale)

Posted by diagacht on 23rd October 2009


Fairly straightforward for a Friday.

clue no. here comment here
1 PAGEANT: AGE in PANT (huff and puff)
5 PLONKER: PLONK (wine) + ER (half of beER)
9 ROOST: ROO (Australian animal) + ST (stone)
10,25 TURNED OUT NICE AGAIN: anagram of A TUNE TO INDUCE A GRIN. It’s a George Formby song)
11 ORGANISING: Not sure of this one. I SING (I give musical performance). But ORGAN as accompanist seems odd. I am probably on the wrong track here.
12 PALL: double definition
14 MARIA CALLAS: (ARIA (SONG) + CALL (summon)) in MA’S (Mum’s)
18 COMPARTMENT: COMMENT (remark) around TRAP (trick, reversed)
21 ENTS: hidden in multilguENT Sessions
22 MOTHER-TO-BE: from the phrase ‘in th club’ meaning to be pregnant
26 ADMIT: AD (commercial) + MIT (Mass. Institute of Technology)
27 RANSOME: RANSOM (rescue) + E (English). Refers to Arthur Ransome (1884-1967)
28 PALMYRA: PAL (friend) + MYRA (girl)
1 PARSON: SON under PAR (boy sub standard)
2,19 GEORGE FORMBY: GORGE (sfuff) with E (energy) + FORM (establish) + BY (past)
3 ANTINOMIAN: ANT (worker) IN + I (one) in OMAN (Arab territory). One who denied the necessity of keeping a moral law.
4 TITUS: SUIT (reversed, hearts being one example) around T (time)
5 PARENTAGE: AREN’T (are not) in PAGE (attendant)
6 OMEN: wOMEN (females without leader)
7 KNOW-ALLS: K (last letter of cracK) + NO WALLS (lack of defence)
8 RUTHLESS: referring to Biblical story of Ruth
13 TATTERSALL: TATTERS (ragged bits) + ALL (everybody)
16 ACHERNAR: (HE + anagram of RAN) in anagram of CAR
17 EMOTICON: anagram of INCOME TO
20 BERTHA: A under BERTH (sleeping place)
23 HANAP: AN in HAP (fortune)
24 GAPO: GAP (delay) + O (duck)

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Inquisitor 146 – Mean – what do you think? – by Lato

Posted by petebiddlecombe on 23rd October 2009


It was quite difficult to make progress at first, but the “extra letters in wordplay” phrase started to emerge from CIANS suggesting “politicians”, and QUISLING as a possible unclued answer. Looking up “politicians” in ODQ was fruitless, so I worked away at the clues, then Googled the full phrase with the help of the initial “ninety per cent”. The complete slightly parapharased version is “Ninety per cent of politicians give the rest a bad name, Kiss(inger)”. The full set of ten unclued politicians is MUGABE, MANDELA, BUSH, MOSLEY, STALIN, THATCHER, QUISLING, GOEBBELS, ARCHER, SADDAM – I guess Mandela is the most likely candidate to represent the ten per cent. The final “give the rest a kiss” from extre letters seemed a nicely bizarre touch. Probably about 3 hours all told, so roughly average Inq. difficulty.

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