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Independent 7178 (Sat 17 October) – Nestor

Posted by petebiddlecombe on October 24th, 2009


By the time you read this I’ll be on holiday, so I won’t be able to respond to any questions myself. I finished this in 8:36 so found it fairly easy for a Saturday prize puzzle, but there’s lots of entertainment, and a weekend theme, with the overnight bag, dirty weekend and Sunday best. Knowing that Nestor very often has a puzzle somewhere in the Times championships, I was solving as fast as I could as an early bit of practice for next year, so wrote in seven answers without full wordplay understanding – 1, 9, 10, 22, 24, 2, 7.

1 OVERNIGHT BAG – G = “guest primarily” in (have to bring)*, with loaded=drunk as the anagram indicator – an all-in-one, though with the aid of “primarily”, which can get a bit sore-thumb for all-in-ones.
10 WAS A BI = “had versatile [sexual] tastes” – a clue with a bit of spice, wasabi beng the hot green paste made from mountain hollyhocks (though I tend to think of it as green horseradish) and used in Japanese cuisine.
11 S.C.(RYE)R. – fairly easy, possibly because “divining” isn’t very deceptive – but it is accurate, and concen for accuracy should probably come first
12 MAR GRAVE = “do some damage in cemetery” – beginners note that several German nobles end in “grave” – this is probably the most common one
13 W(AGEE)ARNER – I probably remembered agee = “off the straight” = crooked from barred-grid puzzles
16 PO = rev. of “op”,S=small,H=hospital
17 AC(M)E = top
18 SUNDAY BEST – N in (busy dates)*
20 BLEACHER = “possible peroxide user” – hidden word
22 ABSEIL = rev. of ¾ of “lies back”
24 ROLL UP = rev. of PULL, O(a)R
25 EPISODIC = (is copied)*, with “broadcast”=scatter as the anagram indicator
26 DIRTY WEEKEND – CD playing on another meaning of “bath”.
2 VICE=failing,CHANCE=opportunity,LLOR = “roll up” = 24
3 REDDY – first letters – I’m guessing that singer Helen Reddy was in a group called Delta Dawn – this is beyond my pop knowledge. Nearly rght – Delta Dawn was a song.
4 INAR REARS – “wordplay in the answer” for “rani” in the clue
5 HANGMAN – cryptic def
6 BOWER – 2 defs
7 GA(STROP=wobbly=fit of temper,U=posh)B
8 ABOVE SUSPICION = (obvious in space)*
14 EYEBALLED from “(p)iebald” – quite novel this, combining sounds-like and subtraction. But perfectly logical.
15 RE,AG(A,NIT)E – unusual but constructable word for a Reagan supporter
19 N,URSERY = Surrey*
21 H(alfwa)Y,PER=through

7 Responses to “Independent 7178 (Sat 17 October) – Nestor”

  1. pennes says:

    thankyou for this. i finished the crossword (and very pleased to do so as i find nestor hard)without really understanding the wordplay for a lot of the clues. 14 dn eyeballed was my last, a satisfying clue, and dirty weekend funny if not difficult
    i still don’t understand 4dn:where does rears come from?

  2. nmsindy says:

    Clue was “What happens to make rani late with payments?” I think what it’s saying with the definition being “late with payments” is RANI REARS ie ‘rani’ goes upwards ie IN ARREARS.

  3. TRIALNERROR says:

    Could anyone give me the clues for 25A and 26A? I seem to have omitted them from my print-out version. Just the clues, not the solutions.

    Thank you

  4. pennes says:

    “Short break not spent in Bath?”
    the “not” is in italics

  5. TRIALNERROR says:

    Thanks pennes…which one is that? 25A or 26A? Er…sorry to be a pain but any chance of both clues (cringe cringe humble tug of forlock)clearly marked?

  6. Nestor says:

    25A is “Broadcast is copied in several parts (8)”.
    26A is “Short break not spent in Bath? (5,7)”.

    pennes/nmsindy: Not quite. It’s that reading the answer as wordplay, ie “INAR rears” (INAR goes up), the result would be RANI.

  7. TRIALNERROR says:

    Thanks Nestor. For some unfathomable reason your response only showed on the blog today.
    By the way, is it intentional that your handle is an anagram of Stoner?

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