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Azed 1951/Sway beer!

Posted by ilancaron on October 25th, 2009


Not as many impenetrable wordplays (note to self: must improve wordplay decoding). I’m sure once this is posted, someone will put us quickly out of our misery and reveal all. I will say that I spent an inordinate amount of time looking for the competition clue — not realizing this was a plain Azed.

1 EMPHYTEUSIS - (they, PM, issue)* – yep, that’s what Chambers says it is: an ancient land right.
1 SA(RA)N – RA=rheumatic arthritis. not the best kind to have. Saran (wrap) is indeed a thermoplastic resin.
12 WIN(EVA)T – rev(ave=hail in Rome) in wint[er]
13 CLOZE=”close” – it’s a test with _____ words that you have to fill in to show you’ve understood.
15 BRI(N)E – middle of sarNies in BRIE
16 HABITS - I think the wordplay is telling us: BIT (somewhat) in HAS (in this sense). But I’ve been wrong before.
17 TER,ETE - meaning indeed smooth and tubular: where TER and ETE are extracted respectively from “inTERferomETEr'”.
18 OCELOT - hidden reverse
19 SYNDERESIS - (in dress, yes)* – alt. spelling of synteresis which was just as obscure (perhaps because I have no conscience?)
21 TATTERS,ALL – only got this since I had seen same in Pasquale’s Guardian puzzle today (Friday).
27 SWA,BIA=”sway bier” – at least that’s how I believe a German would pronounce his version of beer. No? The penny only dropped when I already had S??BIA and thought that maybe Serbia had been part of Germany (well, it was sort of, in the war).
29 SIMNEL - (in, me[a]ls)* – a kind of fruitcake
30 MA(RI)ST – mast are nuts (e.g. oak).
31 CL,OUT – I think this is a tripartite clue: CL=Ceylon, OUT=not batting, CL=150, OUT=clearly, and CLOUT= big knock. Clearly I’m not sure about OUT=clearly.
32 BIGAE - Roman chariots requiring two horses – so you’d need at least 4 horses in the plural, thus an &lit. Alternate letters of “being raced”.
33 H,AUTEUR – Hitchcock was considered an “auteur”? I suppose he’s more recognizable as a film director than say Herzog or Huston…
34 KNUTS - nuts (“young bloods”) – rev(stunk=noisome). My last clue. Very cryptic indeed until I had ?NUTS.
35 S(TORE,K)EEPER – TORE=rent,K=constant in SEEPER – speaking of cryptic clues, how is SEEPER produced by “putting prices up while”?


2 MALACIA - it’s a “abnormal appetite or food craving” but wordplay? “Unnatural appetite causing sickness, see, in serving girl” – I see the C…
4 HA(ZIL)Y – rev(Liz=Betty) in HAY
5 TWIST DRILL – it’s a groover rimer I bet and a TWIST DRILL is how you practiced your twist for the disco before you went out on a Sat night presumably.
6 UNBEAR - (urbane)* – louche is the anagrind.
7 SERRAE - hidden reversed: saw-like thus has teeth.
8 I,VIED – ref. ivies which are climbers and a somewhat cryptic definition.
9 SAN(T)A - T in NASA* – I guess Santa only delivers at night.
10 ST(EERSM)ATES – helmsmen – meres* in STATES.
11 SCH(OTT)ISCHE – OTT=Over the Top=too much in (Chess ,I, ch)* and in case you didn’t know, it’s to be pronounced in a “sham French” accent.
14 STRESS-MARK - (sort of) hidden
20 IRISATE - iridiscent. But wordplay? Iceland is IS, “the edges”=TE – the rest? “Present colourful display of Iceland, livid at the edges”.
22 T(ENUT)O - musical term for “sustained note or chord” thus requiring a pedal – rev(tune) in TO=until
23 EX,ETER* – it’s in Dorset.
24 [c]LARINE[t] – it’s an adjective describing gulls.
25 G(I)LAS[s]
26 SM(O)UT – alt. smoot: “a compositor who does odd jobs in various printing houses.”
28 B,I,G U[l]P – slang for approval.

9 Responses to “Azed 1951/Sway beer!”

  1. Chunter says:

    Thanks, Ilan.

    23dn: Devon!

    27ac: probably worth mentioning that Swabia is the English word for Schwaben, hence pronounced (approximately) ‘sway beer’.

  2. sidey says:

    16 ac It’s a bit in hs abbreviation for hoc sensu (L) in this place. Chambers seems to be unique with this abbreviation.

    20 d IS (Iceland) in irate (livid)

  3. Gaufrid says:

    Hi Ilan
    35a is ORE (foreign money) K (constant) in STEEPER (putting prices up)
    2d is MAL (sickness) C (see) in AIA (serving girl)

  4. Andrew says:

    I think 35ac is ORE (1/100 of a Krona) + K in STEEPER.

    2dn – MAL + C in AIA (variant of AYAH)

    The grid was unusually “open”, with four 5-letter words with no unches.

  5. Andrew says:


  6. bobvl says:

    re posting #1-
    the German SCHWABEN is not even close to being pronounced’s SCHWAAAH-ben.
    Besides the clue called for a six-letter word, not eight..
    At any rate, even in English (Swabia)tghe first A is like the double AA in aardvark..and BIA is BEE-ah.
    All in all, a misfired homophone.

  7. liz says:

    Thanks, Ilan. No mistakes for me this time, but only got 19ac by using an anagram solver. No such luck with 1ac (I was tempted), but eventually got there with checking letters and a slog through Chambers. Thanks for explaining the wordplay of 16ac, which baffled me.

  8. Chunter says:

    bobvl: I said that Swabia is pronounced like ‘sway beer’, and mentioned Schwaben only to make it clear that Swabia isn’t the German name of the region. Apologies if my syntax was unclear.

  9. Alan says:

    One of those quirky facts that some might not know: the Norfolk town of Swaffham is named for its Swabian population.

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