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Private Eye/Cyclops 402 – A Slow Buck

Posted by beermagnet on October 26th, 2009


One of those where most went in easily but I had to put myself to bed before a couple in the top left corner, so they had to wait till the next morning.
I wouldn’t be surprised if I’ve misunderstood the wordplay on some.
Some particularly fine surface readings throughout this puzzle.

6 FACE SAVING FACE (Mug) SAVING (putting money in bank)
8/3 HANGOVER G[ordon] in HANOVER Ref: the Hanover Electorate
11 SPENCER PENCE (bits of cash) inside S and R from [Charle]s and [mothe]R Def: Once Di’s last (as in surname)
Last in and understanding of wordplay sometime after that (phew)
12 PRIVIES I (one) inside RV (motorised caravan) inside PIES (tarts)  Def.  johns. Only understood the wordplay of this one while writing the blog:
Tarts would hold one in motorised caravan for johns (7)
13/15 BROWN TROUSERS BROWN (The P.M.) TROUSERS (“pants” according to Obama)
18 UNCOVER U[seless] N[aff] C[onservative] OVER (surplus to requirements)
20 CLARINET (ARTICLE [camero]N)* AInd: destroying
22 LORDS DD One whimsical – Def1: Political body Def2: No stranger to spin
24 OUT OF IT DD One cryptic/charade – Def1: Under the table Def2: sex (IT) all used up (OUT OF)
25 LAMPOON LAMP ON (light shining) around O (hole)
28 KISS MY ARSE KISS (Snooker event – when two balls touch very lightly) MY (Well – as in “Well, well, what’ve we got ‘ere then) ARSE (behind)
1 A FAST BUCK BUCK (throw up) after A FAST (a diet) Last one in. I was stupidly stuck thinking it was A (or I) something BACK
2 ACNE (CANE)* AInd: Remedy
5 TAXI DRIVER TAX (stress) I’D (Cyclops had) RIVER (flower)
7 SECONDS DD Though surely “Prescott’s post-dessert treat” would be fourths or fifths?
10/27 PISS POOR PISS (What peers do) POO (a number two) [b]R[own] (Brown’s number two)
14 OSCULATION (SO)< CU (copper) [e]LATION (Joy, topless)
15 TOP AND TAIL Reverse wordplay: Apply the answer to BROWN and you get ROW ([b]ROW[n])
16 PRESENTER PRESENT (now) [arlen]E [partne]R Def: Could be Brucie
Favourite clue award to this one for the surface reading:
Could be Brucie’s now kissing butts of Arlene and partner (7)
19 CALUMNY UM (Er) N (short knight – in chess notation) inside (LACY)* AInd: creation Def: mud-slinging
21 RIFT [labou]R IF (uncertainty) T[ime]
23 POOP POO (shit) P[alin]
25/9 LAST GASP LAST (to endure) GAS (flatulance) P (pee)
26 OGRE (GORE)* AInd: on recycling

4 Responses to “Private Eye/Cyclops 402 – A Slow Buck”

  1. John King says:

    Well I had the opposite. I got 1D immediately then found the rest tough.

    Quality Cyclops puzzle as per usual.

  2. John King says:

    I found next week’s (EYE 1248) a doddle for some reason 😉

  3. Ian Winter says:

    looks like Private Eye printed the wrong crossword this week – it is the one from the last issue.

  4. Ian Winter says:

    Private Eye say the correct crossword for this issue will be published on on Friday 30 October.

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