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Financial Times 13,221 / Orense

Posted by shuchi on October 30th, 2009


A mixed bag. Some easy clues, some not. Some fine clues, a few I have quibbles with or questions about.

The NE corner was slow to fall, although after finishing the puzzle I can’t see anything particularly tough.


9 SUPPORTER PORT (left side) in SUPER (marvellous). That ‘environment’ was part of the c/c indicator didn’t strike me till after the answer emerged from the checking letters.
10 CHINA CHIN (feature) A (article)
11 ELECTRA ELECT (vote) [i]RA[n]. The Electa complex is Jung’s theory analogous to Freud’s more famous Oedipus complex. ‘…vote in Iran…’ led me to expect a containment.
12 ENTRUST E[uropea]N TRUST (sounds like ‘trussed’)
13 PAL PALMIST (fortune-teller) – MIST
14 CONFIDANTES (FIANCES DONT)* A clever anagram with a well-thought out anagrind ‘stray’. I did feel that the same material could have produced a tauter surface.
17 HADJI HI (greeting) around A DJ (record spinner)
18 VIE ‘why’ (interrogation in English), which sounds like ‘vie’ in a German accent, perhaps?
19 MOURN AMOUR (‘love’ in France) – A, + N (center of ‘paiNful’)
21 MOISTURISER (I’M SURE RIOTS)*. Taking ‘generate’ as the anagrind and ‘cosmetic’ the definition, ‘changes that are’ is misleading I think, besides the cryptic grammar needs ‘…is cosmetic’. Unless there’s another way to interpret the clue that I’ve missed.
23 WIG W I (week 1) G[reen]
25 COMRADE CO (conscientious objector) (ARMED)*. Thumbs up for ‘armed rebels’.
27 VETERAN VET (doctor) RAN (managed), around [diseas]E
28 DETER DEER (venisor) around T (time)


1 ASLEEP A S[teady] LEEP (sounds like ‘leap’). The last to get solved, ‘out’ as the definition was deceptively inconspicuous.
2 APPEALED PEAL (ring) in APE (copy) [aske]D
3 POSTSCRIPT POST (job) SCRIPT (writing), a sort of &lit.
4 STOA TO in SA (South America)
5 FREE-DIVERS FREE (release) DIVERS (sundry). Updated – Thanks to Eileen and JamesM.
6 SCUT S (second) CUT (incison)
7 MINUET M[ariach]I (TUNE)* A 17th century court dance (illustration).
8 PARTISAN P (pressure) ARTISAN (craftsman)
15 NEVER NEVER A couple of NEVERs (refusals). British slang for a hire-purchase system. A new phrase for me.
16 ADMIRATION ADMIRA[l] (naval officer, docked i.e. end removed) T (time) + NO I, reversed
17 HOMICIDE HOME (house) around I (single) CID (detectives)
20 UNWORTHY UN (United Nations) WORTHY (bigwig). Not-so-great, this one. UN+WORTHY is a bit weak as charade.
24 GENTRY GEN (information) TRY (make an effort)
26 AIRY AI (first-class) RY (railway)
27 VICE C (caught) in VIE (answer of 18A) Can’t help thinking that Orense has a special fondness for the word VICE :) . Refer FT 13185.

3 Responses to “Financial Times 13,221 / Orense”

  1. Eileen says:

    Thanks for the blog, Shuchi.

    For 5dn, I had FREE [release] DIVERS [sundry].

    I really liked the surface of 16dn.

  2. JamesM says:

    Good blog, Shuchi.

    Like Eileen, I had FREE-DIVERS for 5dn. This is confirmed by Wiki and includes snorkellers etc.

    Good crossword.

  3. shuchi says:

    Hi Eileen and JamesM, Thanks and I agree that FREE-DIVERS fits better with 5D. I’ll update the blog.

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