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Indy 7184 by Tyrus (Sat 24 Oct)

Posted by beermagnet on October 30th, 2009


We haven’t seen Tyrus for a while. When we have it has been tough, as this one proved to be.
I was pleased to get a good handful on the first pass over about 10 minutes including the prawn-based mini-theme, but the rate of answer entry dropped dramatically over the rest of the evening. Thankfully clocks going back an hour gave me extra time on the Sunday morn to think up some guesses to write in for those pesky last few.
On Sunday I was not sure of the answer for 27A and couldn’t see the wordplay for that and several others, which was a bit embarrassing.  So I asked around and happily several friends came to my rescue.  Thanks again to all them.  Of course I may have other wordplay wrong.
If there’s a Nina in there that would’ve helped I haven’t seen it.

There is a clear theme based on the phrase (7/5) Prawn Sandwich Brigade that refers to the comments made by (26A) Roy Keane after a tough match in 2000 when he felt the crowd had not been supportive enough and launched a scathing verbal attack on the nobs in Corporate Hospitality munching sandwiches and swigging champers rather than looking at the game. The event from 2000: BBC report
This chimes with the way football has become more of a money making business with the actual game only a part of the “entertainment”, a theme also analysed by Nick Hornby in the latter pages of Fever Pitch.
Phrase as now in use continuing the trend it seems.

1 APOLLO L[eft] inside A POLO (a sweater)
5 SET APART This answer was a guess given crossing letters and luckily correctly identified definition: Removed.  Wordplay, I needed to be shown ETA (letter) in SPAR (box) then T (boundary of town). Thank you Frank. Full clue:
Removed letter box outside boundary of town (3,5)
9 MEGA (GAME)* AInd: surprisingly
10 DONOR CARDS DON (assume) OR (men – Other Ranks) D[ied] inside CARS
14 MID-OFF MADOFF swap A for I to give a football position (thus at 4D Old Trafford) Ref. the “Dodgy financier” Bernard Madoff who’s now looking forward to the end of his 150 year prison sentence.
15 CRACKERS DD Ref Prawn Crackers
17 TIME BOMB (EMIT)< BOMB[e] (dessert being cut)
19 SUNBED SUED (taken to court) about NB (mark)
21 IMOGEN (MOVING E[ast] -V[ery)* AInd: settled. One of those where I had the answer well before understanding the wordplay
23 SNAIL’S PACE This was another guess. Help for wordplay for this came from Tim: (IANS)< then L, SPACE.  I should’ve remembered that most Scotsmen in crosswordland are called Ian.  Full clue:
Crawl round Scot’s large room (6,4)
25 THOU Hidden in boaTHOUse
26 ROY KEANE I got this from the (7/5) Prawn theme reference and he can be made from (N[ew] YORK E (drug) [scen]E A (one)) but I can’t see a Anagrind unless New is doing double duty, or “scene finally” is expected to give use [sce]NE :
New York drug scene finally traps one critic of the 7 5D (3,5)
27 THE MET I was not sure about this at all. Given T?E ?E? and the clue:
‘Blair’s old boys good source of information’ – member for north (3,3)
After considering Tony and Eric (George Orwell) for ages I plumped for Blair referring to Ian Blair former Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis, so his old boys would be The Met. How the rest of the clue works was beyond me, but not beyond Barney who pointed out “good source of information” is THE NET then swap N for M (member for north).
2 PHEW Homophone “few”
3 LOATHSOME LOATH (not keen) (EMOs)< (upset introspective types) I think this fits this subculture stereotype
4 OLD TRAFFORD (LORD T[ebbit])* AInd: anxious AFFORD (provide) The location of the initiation of the Prawn based theme phrase
6 TOR TOR[t]
7/5 PRAWN SANDWICH BRIGADE Theme answer. R[un] inside PAWNS (men), AND WI (group of women) C (about), (BRIDGE HA)* AInd: to play
8 RED HERRING HERR (Hanoverian title) inside READING (studying) without A (non-American)
13 DIMINUENDO If I got this it was purely from crossing letters assuming the def.  “musical direction”. I suspected DIDO is the singer, and MIN is very little time, but Paul decoded it thus: DIDO around MINU(T)E (very little (with) time spent) and N (number).  Full clue:
Very little time spent on number at first – singer’s without musical direction (10)
20 BUICK Another where I hoped I had the answer purely from the Def. “posh car” and crossing letters.  Turns out, thank you again Paul, that Travis Bickle is the eponymous character in the film Taxi Driver, so it’s BICK(LE) around U for posh.  Full clue:
Taxi driver dropping off article in Montreal obstructs posh car (5)
22/11/7 COME THE RAW PRAWN (TWO MEN PREACH)* AInd: fighting around WAR (fighting)
One of the first answers I got due to the definition “attempt to deceive Australian” which is clear for someone like me who read the Barry MacKenzie comic strip in Private Eye, (and who had a good friend living in Earl’s Court). The “Prawn” theme answers then appeared in a rush.
24 SPA SPA[n]

4 Responses to “Indy 7184 by Tyrus (Sat 24 Oct)”

  1. IanN14 says:

    I liked this one a lot.
    14ac. is a cricket position, so also appropriate at OT.
    26ac. I think the “one” is “AN”…

  2. Simon Harris says:

    Well done on this one – I think I got about 3 answers so it’s lucky I wasn’t blogging this week!

  3. nmsindy says:

    This was an excellent fun puzzle that I enjoyed a lot.

    Tyrus is one of the very hardest Indy setters, hence I guess often appearing on Saturday. I found this one a little easier than some previous Tyrus puzzles though definitely harder than the average Indy puzzle. Being interested in football may have given me a start but the theme took quite a while to appear nonetheless.

  4. Tyrus says:

    Many thanks for the blog and comments.

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