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Financial Times 13,224 / Armonie

Posted by Agentzero on November 4th, 2009


Apologies for the lateness of this one–I wrote out the answers thinking I would have time later in the day to fill in the explanations, and in the event I wasn’t able to do it until now.  Some may consider this too easy, but there is real craft here.  Very economical clues; I think I liked 1 down the best.

1 PARADISE PARADE (walk) around IS (island)
5 SCRAWL S (old Bob) CRAWL (cringe)
9 GALLOWAY ALLOW (permit) in GAY (happy)
10 CALLAS A (article) in CALLS (cries)
12 DISTEMPER DIS (Pluto, as in lord of the underworld) TEMPER (mood). 
13 TEASE TEAS (drinks) E (earl)
14 STAR RATS (vermin) reversed
16 PANACHE PAN (criticise) A CHE (revolutionary)
19 RESTING RE (soldier) STING (hurt)
21 PADS P(prince) ADS (marketing campaign)
24 DRIVE DRIVE[l] (endless rubbish)
25 SMALL-TIME EMIT (give out) L (50) LAMS (pounds), all reversed
27 CLAUDE LAUD (praise) in CE (church).  Referring to Monet, presumably.
28 CASSETTE SET (prepared) in CASTE (class)
29 RETARD TAR (sailor) in RED (embarrassed)
30 STARTLED START (pioneer) LED (showed the way)
1 PAGODA GO (fit, as in “will it go in my luggage?”) between PA and DA (two parents)
2 RELISH R (roman) ELI’S (priest’s) H (hard)
3 DRONE DR (doctor) ON E (drug)
4 SCAMPER S (son) CAMPER (mobile home)
6 CHASTENED C (Charlie) HASTENED (urged)
7 ALLIANCE [d]ALLIANCE (flirtation)
11 CROP dd
17 PRODUCER PROD (motivation) + *(CURE)
20 GASP AS (while) in GP (doctor)
21 PLAY-ACT LAY (poem) in PACT (agreement)
22 PISTOL *(SPOILT) The comrade of Henry V.
23 DEFEND DEF (fed reversed) END (dissolution)
26 LOSER hidden in TiepoLO’S ERos

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  1. Richard says:

    Among painters “Claude” (27ac) generally refers to Claude Lorrain.

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