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Financial Times 13,227 / Hamilton

Posted by shuchi on 6th November 2009


Hamilton’s second puzzle in FT, I believe. More adventurous in wordplay than the debut puzzle a few weeks ago.

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Guardian 24,850 / Rover

Posted by Eileen on 6th November 2009


A rather mixed bag today, with one or two nice clues but also several doubtful double / cryptic definitions and a couple of unusual anagram indicators.

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Independent 7195/Phi

Posted by John on 6th November 2009


The usual very pleasant offering from Phi. One or two I’m not quite clear about, but that will be me not him I’m pretty sure. Read the rest of this entry »

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Inquisitor 148 – POST-MORTEM by Dysart

Posted by HolyGhost on 6th November 2009


Four unclued entries, two clued entries and one hidden name are thematically linked, and these last three have to be highlighted (16 cells). Then we have to swap two letters in the grid, revealing an author and a name from one of his works, also thematic.
Dysart’s previous puzzles as an Inquisitor have all been rather good (as were his/her three Listener ones), so I was expecting some high quality cluing and a neat theme – and wasn’t disappointed, though a clearer signal as to the nature of the two thematic clued entries would have been appreciated. The answers came to me largely corner by corner: some of the top left, all the bottom left, then the bottom right (giving me DUPPY and the likely theme), and after finishing the top left (with JUMBY confirming the theme), I was faced with a fairly blank top right, which eventually yielded (spotting BANQUO on the way).

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