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Private Eye/Cyclops 403 – Hate Figures

Posted by beermagnet on November 9th, 2009


What a cock-up – They repeated 402 in the magazine – Have they been taking on ex-Grauniad typesetters?

So this crossword 403 was only available on the Eye’s website .
I expect we can find a way to blame the postal strike.
As the webpage gave the usual entry date for submissions I presume the next crossword in the print edition will be 404, otherwise I would delay this blog.

Anyway …
This was a rare outing for a themed grid with several answers defined as (5/21) Hate Figures.
Some of these answers were very easy (I think I wrote in 1/10 Osama 4.125 milliseconds after reading the clue) while the theme helped get the answers to some others.  Help please on 3/22 wordplay.

8 STETSON (STONES T)* AInd: Rolling. Stereotypical Texan hat
9 ALFALFA [h]ALF (semi topless) ALF (bloke) A
11 MARGARINE (MAG[gie] ERA IN)* AInd: fancy
12 ODDLY Take the odd letters of BrEnDa and you get BED. Last one in and it took a bit of thought, I needed all the checking letters O-D-Y to forget the usual Brenda=ER wordplay and decide ODDLY was the only word that fits, and more time before the light of “reverse wordplay” formed. Full clue:
Thus is Brenda reduced to bed (5)
13 BUDGE BUDGE[t] Darling’s responsibility
14 COPARTNER (PRAT)* AInd: stupid inside CONER (Positioner of road traffic controllers)!
16 NOSE JOB “Knows job” Easy homophone and easy def.
18 LIE BACK Ref. Edwardian advice to wives: “Lie back and think of England”
21 FLATULENT FLAT (unlike Jordan aka Katie Price) U[ruguay] LENT (advanced)
23 BATHS [hooc]H (last of hooch) inside BATS (stupid)
24 GREEN DD (Caring politician?) (not Brown)
25 ECCENTRIC E[instein] C (about) C (speed of light) (CRETIN)* AInd: stupid
Deja vu on the anagrind
26 RATTLED RAT (Judas) T[ories] LED (was a leader)
27 AVENGER A V[ery] (GREEN)* AInd: crunched
*1/10 OSAMA BIN LADEN OBAMA swap B for S (Samll not black), BIN (trashy thing), LADEN(stuffed)
2 HEBRIDES HE BRIDES This is becoming a hackneyed device in clues for these islands
*3/22 ESTATE AGENT Second last in, answer purely from crossing letters and thematic def, and still unsure of the wordplay here. Seems to be an anagram of TEENAGE but can’t see where the other letters, ESTT, come from: (TEENAGE)* AInd: stuffing or rough
Full clue: Fact: stuffing teenage rough makes you a 5,21dn (6,5)
4 INVINCIBLE IN (elected) (LIB)* AInd: fiasco inside VINCE [Cable] (senior Lib Dem figure)
5 HATE H[ard] ATE (get stuffed)
6 OF COURSE (SOUR + C OF E)* AInds: turned and debacle. One anagram inside anotherreally. I thought this good, top clue award, material:
Naturally turned sour during C of E debacle (2,6)
*7 LAWYER W[omen] inside LAYER (one shagging)
*15 POLITICIAN PO (short pisspot) LIT (drunk), then CIA (agency) inside IN (elected)
17 JOURNALS JO’S (woman’s) outside UR[i]NAL (peers place). I wonder if he tried to get journalists in the grid to fit the theme.
19 ALTER EGO [h]ALTER (topless backless bodice) EGO (oneself)
“See me in m’ ‘alter back. See me g’ya ‘art attack”
20 KISS CURL KISS (smacker) CUR (arse) L[eft]
21 FIGURE G[ordon] U[seless] inside FIRE (sack)
*23 BANKER “Merchant Banker” swap W for B (Wife for Bishop)
25 ENDS EN[i]D’s

3 Responses to “Private Eye/Cyclops 403 – Hate Figures”

  1. IanN14 says:

    Didn’t do this, but spotted request for help with 3/22.
    Seems the other letters are STAT (fact).

  2. beermagnet says:

    Thanks Ian. No wonder I couldn’t understand it – I couldn’t even sort out the fodder.

  3. Shell says:

    So, because of the postal strike I didn’t even get all my October PEs delivered until November, and not only missed this crossword (I can’t find it on their website) but now don’t have the answers to 402 either!

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