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Independent 7199/Dac

Posted by John on November 11th, 2009


I’d expected something to do with Remembrance Day, but no, Dac as usual and up to his usual standard; however, when is he ever not up to his usual standard? This seemed to be on the easy side but there were some magnificent clues.

4 {Shira}z in fan del{i}
9 CHIEFTAIN — (hit in face)* — ‘during’ seems a bit odd, but it does make for a good surface
10 T({Queensberr}Y {Rule}S)ON
11 REPORT — 2 defs
12 S(TART)ER{b}S
14 TWO OF A KIND — w in (foot)rev. akin d
16 MARC — (cram)rev.
19 DUCK — 2 defs
20 STAND-ALONE — “stand a loan”, which is what a money-lender can
23 B(A R)ACK — a quite brilliant &lit. (Actually it’s not an &lit, at least not a full one. But it’s still brilliant.)
26 {C}HI(TO)N{a}
27 VALENTINO — (antinovel)*
29 tHE LOTtery — a helot was a Spartan serf, or thereabouts
1 LA(CE RATE)D — wonderful surface
2 CHIMP — him in (PC)rev.
3 LIFE RAFT — (fire)* in (flat)*
4 ZEAL — (laze)*
5 NINETY-NINE — the initials of ‘ice cream’ are ic, or IC, which in Roman numerals is 99
7 DESPERADO — (e (reps)rev.) in dado
8 LINKS — 2 defs
15 ORCHESTRA — (actor Sher)* — at least we didn’t have the carthorse
17 CHECKS OUT — “cheque’s out”
18 SAVANNAH — sa{t} (nav)rev. NA h — presumably somewhere we will be told that h is an acceptable abbreviation for harbour, but I can’t find it in Chambers or the COD. I suppose I should invest in a proper Collins, but since they (Collins) ripped me off with a Collins lookalike for £6.25 in WH Smith I’m not keen to support them
21 S ARNIE (Schwarzenegger)
22 SAHIB — (b 1 has)rev.
24 A R (I.E.) L — this gazelle
25 PLUM{p}

8 Responses to “Independent 7199/Dac”

  1. nmsindy says:

    Yes, excellent as always – re 5 down, NINETY NINE is a type of ice cream. H = harbour is in Collins (2009) which I got at very reasonable price from Amazon compared to what they were asking in bookshops. I too liked BARACK and also esp DUCK and LINKS.

  2. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Ninety-nine is indeed an ice cream, with the obligatory Cadbury’s Flake stuck in it when I was little (or two, if you were lucky enough to be treated to a double 99). Managed this today, unlike yesterday which was beyond me. Some excellent surfaces; my favourite was 23a.

    Got my brain in gear nicely on a damp November morning.

  3. Duggie says:

    The master at his best. Among many others, 10A, 23A, and 26A are particularly brilliant examples of how to write elegant clues.
    Re 5D: did someone not object recently to the use of IC as 99?

  4. Ali says:

    Jeeez, this was outstanding stuff, even by Dac’s ridiculously high standards. The BARACK clue’s gone straight into my Top 5 of 2009 and the puzzle as a whole is up there with the best I’ve ever done. Yeah, I think it’s fair to say I liked this one!

  5. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Ali, I thought I was starting to get excited about solving crosswords. Clearly I have some way to go! Glad we both enjoyed it.

  6. Paul B says:

    They did, Duggie, and I for one think they should pipe up and admit it.

  7. Guilty Party says:

  8. pennes says:

    I was about to hail genius, so a shame IC doesn’t work (but it would, if it said “might have been in Rome”?) .
    Glad we weren’t still using roman numerals when I did physica A level

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