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Independent 7190 by Eimi (Saturday Prize Crossword 31 October 2009)

Posted by duncanshiell on November 13th, 2009


This blog has been delayed a week due to the threat of postal strikes around the normal submission time.  Consequently many of you will probably have forgotten about the puzzle.

The grid was one which yields fewer words (but of longer lengths) than most grids, there being only 11 across clues and 14 down clues.  

I couldn’t find a Nina although I did note that an anagram of the unches in the top row yielded LEOPARDS and an anagram of the central column unches yielded ADORE.  Unfortunately I couldn’t make anything obvious out of the unches in the bottom row ATNENAGH.  I didn’t think LEOPARDS ADORE HENNA TAG meant anything sensible.

The puzzle wasn’t too difficult to solve, but it was a pleasant diversion for a Saturday afternoon with several clues that raised a smile because of the smoothness of the surfaces.  This crossword is the first one I have seen using ‘pants’ as an anagram indicator.  It works well in the clue in which it is used. ‘No trains running’ was another good fit of the anagram and its indicator to the surface of the clue.

Wordplay Entry
9 A + (DON [fellow] containing  [U {university} +LATIN {dead language} excluding the final {almost} N]) ADULATION (praise)
10 Reverse of (back) MARSEILLE excluding (having left) MARS (reference [Mars] bar] ELLIE (girl)
11 Cryptic definition: HEART BREAKING implies a jumble of the letters of HEART EARTHSHATTERING (implies a jumble of the letters of EARTH, which is the same as a jumble of the letters of HEART as HEART and EARTH are anagrams of each other)
12 Double definition: ORDERLY (well-behaved) ORDERLY (hospital attendant) (Note that this word is also clued in a similar, but not identical way, in Inquisitor 149 which I have also blogged and posted at the same time as this blog)
13 NAIRA (Nigerian currency) excluding (lost) A+ OBI (withcraft) NAIROBI (capital city of Kenya)
14 UNCO (Scots, strange) + MP (politician) + (HER [woman] reversed [knocking back]) + ENDING (conclusion) UNCOMPREHENDING (not understanding)
18 Double definition: GROUNDS (confines to the house) GROUNDS (various reasons)
19 SEMI (house) + PRO (in favour of) SEMI-PRO (part-timer, [in a professional activity, especially sport])
22 Anagram of (meeting in disorderly fashion) DADS RAN A COUNCIL OSCAR AND LUCINDA (award-winning book by Peter Carey)
23 First and last letters of (extremely) HYSTERICALLY + ENA (the bit of HELENA that remains when half the letters are cut) HYENA (reference LAUGHING HYENA)
24 (Anagram of [running] NO TRAINS)+ C (maths and physics symbol for the speed of light) TRANSONIC (relating to the range of speeds, close to or equalling the speed of sound)


Wordplay Entry
1 (Anagram of [change] A SEX) + (anagram of [pants] BOUGHT CARGO) SAXE-COBURG-GOTHA (For a short time, the name of British Royal House at the time of Edward VII.  Later changed to Windsor by George V)
2 PUT (place) + RID (free) PUTRID (foul)
3 LA (Los Angeles) + T (last letter [finale] of CONCERT) + CHER (reference Sonny and Cher, one time husband and wife as well as singing partners, less the initial letter [loses head] C) LATHER (state of agitation)
4 WEIGHTY (heavy) excluding the initial letter (dropping introduction) W EIGHTY (number)
5 O (zero) + NET (after deductions) + anagram of (changed) THEN ONE TENTH (fraction)
6 Anagram of (play) ELIOT contained in (kept in) DEN (study) DELETION (something removed)
7 (ALBION [Britain] containing [making in] N [name]) + I (Italy) ALBINONI (composer)
8 Anagram of (cut) GOGRAM and NINE INCH REIGNING MONARCH (ruler)
15 CROCHET (a form of needlework) containing T (first letter of [beginning of] TAPESTRY) CROTCHET (note)
16 Anagram of (fashion) IN RANDOM MONDRIAN (Piet Mondrian, Dutch painter who evolved a non-representational form, but I am not sure his later paintings are random enough for the clue to be a wholly accurate &Lit)
17 REASON (premise in the sense of proposition. I’m not sure ‘premise’ is an exact synonym of ‘reason’) excluding (abandoned) A + ATE (worried) RESONATE (sound)
19 LTA (Lawn Tennis Authority) contained in (getting into) SUN (newspaper) SULTAN (despot)
20 MA (mother) containing (found outside) (U [posh] + COS [trigonometrical function]) MUCOSA (mucous membrane, body part)
21 PANG (sudden sharp feeling) containing (about) MEN (males) excluding the first letter (beheading) M PENANG (a city in Malaysia)

9 Responses to “Independent 7190 by Eimi (Saturday Prize Crossword 31 October 2009)”

  1. nmsindy says:

    The Irish town mentioned in the bottom row AT NENAGH (County Tipperary) is pronounced the same as Nina – maybe not pure coincidence. I too found this quite an easy puzzle, very enjoyable.

  2. IanN14 says:

    Oh, well spotted nms.
    I don’t still have my copy of the paper, might there be anything else?
    Good puzzle, from what I remember…

  3. ad says:

    I thought that if you read along the top and bottom, you find “Spleodar at Nenagh”
    Though I’m not familiar with the festival, maybe this is where Eimi spent Halloween?

  4. Duncan Shiell says:


    You are absolutely right. A bit more research shows that Spleodar, an Irish Festival, or voyage of discovery into the Irish language and culture, ran from Tuesday 27th to Saturday 31st October 2009.

    I’m afraid that neither Irish culture, nor Irish geography are among my strong points – both SPLEODAR and AT NENAGH looked like anagram material to me! If it had been Scottish culture and geography, I may have had a inkling.

  5. eimi says:

    I can’t get anything past the Nina-spotters (or Nenagh-spotters), obviously. Well done those who twigged. In fact I was planning to spend Halloween there, but a bout of gastric flu put an end to that. So I stayed at home and watched a horror show on TV – Arsenal v Spurs – and felt even worse.

  6. IanN14 says:

    I feel your pain…

  7. IanN14 says:

    So, hang on a minute….
    You planned to spend Halloween at somewhere called Nenagh?
    Blimey, you setters are a dedicated bunch…

  8. nmsindy says:

    All completely new to me, and I had looked at the top row, but ‘spleodar’ from the Gaelic (Irish) language translates as ‘cheerfulness, vivacity’.

  9. Uncle Yap says:

    Good puzzle, enjoyable too.

    BTW, Penang is an island and the capital is George Town after King George the Third, during whose reign Francis Light managed to get the island for the East India Company. That was the start of the British influence in what is today Malaysia.

    Do drop in for a visit. Penang is a lovely tropical island, much loved by tourists

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