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Azed 1954

Posted by petebiddlecombe on 15th November 2009


I’m hoping that this puzzle from last Sunday does not have a similar deadline extension to last week’s prize puzzle. If you know that it does, please let me know with a comment, and I’ll get this taken down again ASAP.

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Independent 7,196 by Radian (Saturday Prize Puzzle, 07/11/09)

Posted by Simon Harris on 15th November 2009

Simon Harris.

After the splendid classical music themed Indy 7,148 of a few weeks ago, I was pleased to open the newspaper and find that I was blogging a further Radian puzzle. The theme here – female names – became apparent pretty swiftly, and many of the answers fell into place in short order. Spotting the message CHERCHEZ LA FEMME around the perimeter of the grid helped greatly with the stubborn few remainders.

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Everyman No. 3293 (8th November)

Posted by The Trafites on 15th November 2009

The Trafites.

Lorraine: Another straight forward everyman this week, a real pleasure to solve.

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Azed 1953

Posted by bridgesong on 15th November 2009


“Words may be false and full of art; sighs are the natural language of the heart”, by Thomas Shadwell is the quotation referred to here. The second part is obtained by the letters which are misprinted in the clues, the first part could be said to describe the setter’s aim. A normal misprints puzzle confines the misprints to the definition part of the clue, but here there are a number of clues with the misprint in the wordplay, even in anagrams. Having said that, there were a couple of fairly easy clues such as 35 across, 9 and 20 down to get started with and I found that it took me not much longer than usual to solve.  I’ve put the misprinted words in italics in each case.

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