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Independent 7206 by Nestor

Posted by nmsindy on November 19th, 2009


Extremely enjoyable puzzle from Nestor, not too difficult, with the 4 14-letter entries yielding reasonably quickly.   Solving time, 21 mins.      And as always I find with Nestor, fresh approaches to clueing.

* = anagram  < = reversed


6 A SH RO (PSHIRE  L) AD     By AE Housman     ASH (remains) ((perish)*L)  in ROAD

9 DUFF EurotunneL

10 JA LAP ENO    Ja = yes in German (Dieter a typical German name)  (one pal)<     Chilli pepper

11 BRAS S TACKS   bras = women’s supporters:   stacks = masses

13 ARGO    Hidden    Jason and the Golden Fleece from Greek mythology (his ship)

14 EXPECT    “eggs pecked”   Not entirely sure but I think the “a bit stronger” refers to EX in expect not sounding exactly like ‘eggs’.    Clue is “Look forward to nest contents, attacked by birds, sounding a bit stronger?”


18 I GO (shot = attempt) R    Prince Igor = unfinished opera by Russian composer Borodin.

19 LEA (DI (NG) ME) N     British director = Sir David Lean   ng = no good   dime = US money

21 TIME ZONE    With hexadecimal numbers referred to in one recent Nestor puzzle, I wonder if he has  a maths background.   This was my last answer – definition (function of longitude generally).   “multiplied invariantly”, means TIMES ONE (as in multiplication tables) so it’s ‘invariantly’ ie it does not change.    Then the variable z (as in x,y) replaces the fifth term (ie letter) S making TIMES ONE = TIME ZONE.   I think that is what it is, anyway.

23  G ENTRY     Easier to explain…

24 HEAV (Y  BREATH) ING     Y = variable   (breath)* in heaving = very cramped.   Definition: pants


1 ESTUARY ENGLISH    Cryptic definition, and an early breakthrough to see it.

2 CRUFTS      Hidden reversal, very well disguised

3 A POL (ITICA)L      An excellent & lit     An election’s voting = a poll    ‘chiefly’ in the cryptic reading indicates the first letters of the five words that follow it giving I T I C A.

4 Jacques  B (RE) L      Belgian singer, songwriter

5 SL(AP B)ANG   Definition: suddenly.    order to “bust perp (ie perpetrator of crime – US)” = APB = all-points bulletin (US – instruction to police to order arrest).    slang = vernacular

7 HIJA(b)  CassocK

8 DON’T GET ME WRONG   (Motown trend eg G)*


15 PARMESAN   (Spam near)*

17 CAR (E) ER    Nurse often = carer

20 GANDHI    (I’d hang)*

22 O (NY) X

13 Responses to “Independent 7206 by Nestor”

  1. IanN14 says:

    Thanks nms,
    I enjoyed this, but 21ac. needed explaining.
    My favourite clue was 24ac. Great surface…

  2. walruss says:

    Yes, although of course heaving is from heavy, ‘very cramped’ goes for a different interp, I suppose.

  3. RayFolwell says:

    Can someone explain 12D ?
    I suppose the definition is Communist port once, although Volgograd is rather far inland to be described as a port. I see RAD but where does STALING come from ?

  4. nmsindy says:

    STALING = getting old, I read it as.

  5. eimi says:

    Collins and Britannica both describe Volgograd as a port.

  6. IanN14 says:

    I don’t think “heaving” IS from “heavy”…

  7. walruss says:

    What would it be then? Glad to be corrected, but currently all meaning roots are looking the same to me!

  8. sidey says:

    Heaving = very cramped, as in ‘the pub was heaving’.

  9. Ali says:

    I relly enjoyed this but found it tough going. Needed every one of the 45 minutes I was on the bus.

    Some really good clues here, CRUFTS being my fave.

  10. nmsindy says:

    Re point made by sidey at 8 above, that is how I saw it when blogging. COED has heaving = very crowded.

  11. Paul B says:

    Yes, but the root is what our walruss is tugging at. I think.

  12. pennes says:

    I did most of this but only got slap- bang from crossing letters: getting to APB seems a bit of a leap and i’d never heard of it; or maybe I don’t watch enough cop shows

  13. Richard Heald says:

    Lovely puzzle, full of the original touches we’ve come to expect of this setter. I loved “Dieter’s agreement” for JA – no-one takes better advantage of the initial capital letter than Nestor.

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