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Independent 7202 by Bannsider

Posted by petebiddlecombe on November 21st, 2009


Solving time: about 23 minutes

I found this a challenging puzzle despite getting the long answer on first look. I hope most other solvers got it without too much trouble – if not, I can imagine a pretty slow solve. This puzzle is full of inventive wordplay, sometimes pushing the boundaries a bit to get there. As the result is that the clues are fresh and entertaing, that’s fine with me.

1, 29, 8 and 17 I AM A BEAR OF VERY LITTLE BRAIN AND LONG WORDS BOTHER ME – with “dim old animal” and “lengthy verbs” among the anagram fodder, and “(1,2,1,4,2,4,6 ….)” to help, this was easy and I think a better anagram than some clues of this type
9 NINES – clue based on “six sixes” = 36 being the same as 4 x 9, and also containing two copies of Roman numeral IX.
11 ECU – reverse hidden in “producer” – one of several wordplays only understood when writing up this report
12 NIGHTSPOT = rev. of “tops=finishes off, th(e), gin=drink”
14 SUNNI = rev. of “in N. U.S.”, the northern US being “just south of Canada”
15 H, A.R. = “Queen Anne”, D.U.P. = (Peter) “Robinson’s party”
16 FACE BOOK = “advice for the work shy” – with “work” optionally meaning “book” – def. and cryptic def.
18 P,EARDROP = “cure for otitis?”
20 WI(L.S.O.)N – LSO = “players conducted”
23 ICHOR = (orchi(d))* – “Flower in the divine” from ichor being the blood of the gods
24 HOME = in, O = no, PATH = way – lovely all-in-one
25 BEE = be plus an extra E
26 GONZO – hidden in Gorgonzola
27 REAGANISM – IS in (manager)*, cross reffing 2D
1 IS (LAND) HOPPING – hopping = hopping mad
3 B,OW!
4 A(BR,UP)T – “snap” is the def, as in “snap decision”
5 O.S.,SET=determined,IAN – Bannsider has some Eastern European connections and likes to put references into puzzles – when I suggested he use the city of Lvov for its ?V?V fit, he told me he’d done so already
6 VENUS DE MILO = (lies unmoved)* with nice surface reference to its damaged nature
7 RUN = race, INTO = keen on
10 STICK IN = add, TH(EM = me rev.)UD
13 TH = rev. of H.T.,UNDER-BOLT = don’t secure doors adequately
19 ASHANTI = anti-ASH – ASH = Action on Smoking and Health, and “Forest” (Freedom organisation for the right to enjoy smoking tobacco) are their opponents
21 STAMINA = rev. of animals with T for L letter swap
22 I’M PAIR = “I have partner”
28 ANI = second letters in “catching and ringing” – the “black cuckoo” well-known to barred-grid solvers

4 Responses to “Independent 7202 by Bannsider”

  1. nmsindy says:

    Another excellent puzzle from Bannsider. The long anagram was extremely apposite and I (eventually) managed to work it out when I’d quite a few crossing letters even though it is a quote I had never heard of. There’s LVIV

  2. nmsindy says:

    Above posted before I was finished, was saying to Peter that as well as LVOV, there’s LVIV, same place, different languages, both in Collins.

  3. Bannsider says:

    You’d better not go to Lviv and call it Lvov – that’s all I can say!
    No more 45-letter anagrams from me – that one nearly killed me.
    However I consider both Tskhinvali and Vladikavkaz (the S. and N. Ossetian capitals respectively and both known to my wife) fair game. A stiff drink might be needed before attempting a clue for the latter however …

  4. petebiddlecombe says:

    Noted – I guess “Lemberg” might be even worse …

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