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Financial Times 13,244/Falcon

Posted by smiffy on November 26th, 2009


I found this something of a Jekyll and Hyde puzzle.  Plenty of easy, familiar fare but interspered with a smattering of much trickier obscurities. I benefited from a couple of pieces of lucky guesswork at 8D and 20D.

1 HOCKEY – H(earts) + O,C (first letters) + key
4 FETCHING – f + etching
10 RATIONALE – ration + ale
11 ALTER – later*
12 WEED – wee + D. An original definition to me.
13 GRAND THEFT – grand + The FT
15 RAIN MAN – RA + Inman.  I recognized the idiot-savant film title, but not the C19 artist (Henry Inman)
16 ROUBLE – [-t]rouble
18 TENNIS – none* in t[-reacherou]s
20 VERMONT – (RM + on) in vet
23 WELL – double def’n
25 AMASS – a mass.
26 TREBUCHET – brute* + c + the*. Here, that old stalwart “onager” refers to medieval weaponry rather than braying animals.
27 INDUSTRY – Indus + try
28 WEIRDO – (I rowed)*

1 HEREWARD – here + ward. Re: H…. the Wake.
2 CATHERINE HOWARD – (charade wore thin)*. A nifty and setter-friendly anagram.
3 ETON – [-g]et on
5 ELEANOR – (one earl)*
6 COASTGUARD – CO + (at a guards)* &lit.  Without doubt, the star of the show today.
7 IN THE ALTOGETHER – (Then I)* + altogether
8 GARETH – E in garth (an ancient courtyard)
9 WARREN – (a R) in wren
14 AMANUENSIS – a man + (uses in)*
17 STILETTO – (lit)< in set to
19 SCOOTER – double def’n
20 VERVET – verve + t. A South American species of monkey, it would appear.
21 SALAMI – Salami[-s]
24 RUDE – d in rue.

2 Responses to “Financial Times 13,244/Falcon”

  1. Richard says:

    Smiffy, helpful blog but in 6d I believe you meant (at a drugs)* not (at a guards)*. It was an odd clue as the surface lacked any reference to Coastguard.

  2. smiffy says:

    Apols for the typo – now corrected. This is an &lit clue (where the whole also serves as a definition, of sorts). Hence why it received my plaudit as clue of the day.
    Thanks for the feedback!

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