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Financial Times 13,234 by Cinephile

Posted by Pete Maclean on November 26th, 2009

Pete Maclean.

Prize puzzle from the Weekend FT of November 14
I can’t say I found this an easy puzzle but I did get it completed fairly quickly. Only clue clue, 13A, strikes me as notable and I can pick minor holes in a few others.

1. A LITTLE LEARNING – anagram of TITLE in ALL + EARNING (making money)
9. TRAGEDY – G (good) + ED (journalist) in TRAY (carrier)
10. CISTERN – CISTER[cia]N. Good surface.
11. REICH – E (quarter) in RICH (loaded)
12. TUNNELLER – ELLE (girl) in TUNER (tester of pitch)
13. PENPUSHER – PEN (prison) + PUSHER (drug dealer)
15. GHYLL – [din]GHY + LL (students)
16. LISLE – L (left) + ISLE (such as Britain)
18. LOCAL CALL – CAL + CAL (state twice) in LOL (laughing out loud). Tough and perhaps even poor definition here. Any comments?
20. GODMOTHER – double definition
23. FRANC – FRANC[e]
24. CALL-OUT – double definition
25. MARTINI – MARTIN (swallow) + I (first)
26. LOWER THAN VERMIN – LO (see) + ANV (a new version) in WERTHER (Goethe’s sorrowing hero) + M (married) + IN (among). The answer is a quote made by Aneurin Bevan about the Tories.

1. ANTHROPOLOGICAL – anagram of POOR GOLIATH CLAN. “Defeated” as an anagram indicator? I was unsure at first but it’s fine. It can mean “undone”.
2. ITALIAN – [the] ITALIAN [job] (film). Except that “the” is not clued.
3. TIED HOUSE – dual definition
4. EGYPT – G[rain] in anagram of TYPE
5. ECCENTRIC – ECCE (behold) + NT (New Testament) + RIC[h]
6. ROSIE – “Rosie Lee” is rhyming slang for tea but is “Rosie” enough by itself? I guess “cider” refers to the book, “Cider with Rosie”.
7. IDEALLY – ID (fish) + ALLY (friend)
8. GENERAL ELECTION – anagram of GREEN + ALE (beer) + ECT (shock treatment) in LION (king). ECT stands for Electroconvulsive Therapy.
14. HALF-HITCH – HAL (prince) + H (hard) in FIT (suitable) + CH (companion)
15. GALE FORCE – anagram of ACE GOLFER
17. SODS LAW – SODS (turves) + LAW (hill). “Law” is a Scots word for a hill (especially, my dictionary says, a rounded or conical one) — not that I ever heard of that before.
19. ATAVISM – A (a) + T (model) + AVIS (bird) + M[ammals]
21. ODOUR – O (nothing) + DO (do) + UR (old city)
22. ROMAN – OM (honour) in RAN (managed)

One Response to “Financial Times 13,234 by Cinephile”

  1. C.G. Rishikesh says:


    Re 18a: I quite agree that the surface reading is not that great
    but it assumes some meaning if we take ‘state’ to mean State Department or some authority like that.

    My LOL might be louder if it had been “speaking to neighbour”, for, in which case, the said neighbour might have done some dark deed and might be in for some discomfiture.

    I know it’s very un-neighbourly of me to do so, but then cryptic crossword solving has made my mind very devious – or should I say deviant?

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