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Financial Times 13,249 / Satori

Posted by Gaufrid on 2nd December 2009


Not the friendliest of grids with the NW and SE corners only connected to the rest of the puzzle by one clue each. Add to this some misleading (not in a bad way) clues and the result was a puzzle towards the harder end of the FT spectrum (as is usually the case on a Wednesday).

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Guardian 24,872 (Araucaria)

Posted by diagacht on 2nd December 2009


I enjoyed this but then I always enjoy Araucaria.
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Independent 7217/Dac

Posted by John on 2nd December 2009


Dac just goes on producing crosswords with clues that run so smoothly you think he must have been lucky. Well the only way he may have been lucky is in having the ability to make things appear very simple. And he goes on doing this week after week. Read the rest of this entry »

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