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Independent 7219 by Phi

Posted by nmsindy on December 4th, 2009


I found this quite an easy puzzle, solving time 13 mins.

* = anagram  < = reversed




9 E (D WIN) A

10 AMOROUS     glamorous less gl = heartless girl (middle letters removed)

11 P (A RENT) AL

12 P (HOB I)A     My favourite clue, with amusing surface and seamless join at “I fear”

13 BLITHE SPIRIT   (Thirties blip)*   Successful play by Neol Coward – fairly well-known, I’d say.

16 M(AN-A)(BOUT)-(T)OWN    Five-parter, though I got it straightaway from definition and enumeration   M = male  ana = gossip  bout = session t = tense  own = admit

19 TROP I C    port<

20 RE (PRISon) AL      not feasible = not on ie take ‘on’ away from prison.   Excellent surface.

22 GREMLIN    “Love and marriage, without hesitation, set back by mischievous creature”

The one clue I’ve a query on, though answer confirmed by Indy website.   I think it’s (nil m(er)g)<

ie all reversed with nil = love   er = hesitation and (the doubtful bit) mg = marriage.    I can’t find that abbrev in dicts I looked at so I may be on the wrong track entirely   (Thanks, Gaufrid, for explaining this below in comment 1 – marriage = merger)

28 A U  PA(I)R

24 MERE    Hidden

25 THE (O LOG) Y


2 ODD (BALL)S      odds = price (betting).    ‘eccentric’  nicely misleading to suggest an anagram.

3 KNI FE    ink<   Fe = iron

4 NEAR THE KNUCKLE    Double definition

5  SCALLOP     Pollacks<   less k = end of haddock (last letter)

6 PHOTOST AT   (hotspot)*   At = Astatine (radioactive element)

7 RU STIC(k)    RU = Rugby Union     Trickiest clue, I thought, with Russia also fitting with the definition ‘country’

8 COPPER SULPHATE    (top clue perhaps)*

14 TIME PIECE   “peace”


17 B AR (ONE) T

18 PR (v)AGUE

21 I’M PE(a)L

7 Responses to “Independent 7219 by Phi”

  1. Gaufrid says:

    Hi NMS
    22a NIL (love) MERG[er] (marriage without hesitation) reversed

  2. NealH says:

    I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who thought Russia might be the answer to 7 down. I was only dissuaded when I typed it into the online grid and it didn’t tell me I’d completed the puzzle.

    I was a bit mystified by the gossip in 16 across since I’d never heard of ana. Looking at the definition, it seems to mean a collection of reminiscences, which I suppose in a loose sense might be similar to gossip about something.

  3. beermagnet says:

    16A: I think you’re right NMS, when I had MAN-ABOUT-TOWN from MAN (Male) A BOUT (“gossip session”) T[ense] OWN (to admit) I assumed there was a particular sense of a BOUT for a good old scurrilous chin wag, but also thought it unusual that Phi used such an “easy” synonym as male/man. I didn’t equate ANA with “gossip”.

  4. walruss says:

    This was a bit of a break for me after the trouble I had trying to sort of today’s Guardian effoirt, so thumbs up to Phi for that. But none too exciting, if there is a downside.

  5. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Thanks, nms. Managed everything except bits of the NE corner. Park = berth seemed a bit of a stretch. But generally very enjoyable and a good start to the weekend.

  6. NealH says:

    I thought berth was OK because it can be a verb meaning to anchor a ship in port, which is similar to parking.

  7. Bill says:

    Almost finished prize crossword by phi.No luck with bottom left corner.The word thematic had me baffled too!

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