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Enigmatic Variations No. 890 – Correct by Kruger

Posted by Gaufrid on December 5th, 2009


Misprints in the majority of definitions and twelve answers to be altered before entry according to the preamble, but no indication that these could both apply to the same clue. Also, ‘majority’ had me looking for far more misprints than 25 in 42 clues.

However, once a couple of the thematic clues had been solved, along with a few others, it became clear that the method of entry involved the removal of a word meaning ‘wrong’. When the corrected misprint in 1a gave ‘L’ it was an easy matter to find the required phrase since, as we were told it was in Chambers, it had to be in the second appendix.

An incorrect enumeration in 15a did not help, particularly as it was one of the answers to be modified, and I consider the definition in 3d, once the misprint had been rectified, to be incorrect.

The corrected misprints gave “Les absents ont toujours tort” or “Those absent are always wrong”.

1 TerrorISM SIR (gentleman) OR (soldiers) reversed in TERM (time) – def. ‘it frightens badLy’
11 false ALARM FAL (river) SEAL (mammal) ARM (inlet) – def. ‘unnecessary forE
13 CORNU OR (yellow) N (Norse) in CU (copper)
14 badMINTON A D (a penny) MINT (coin) in NOB (wealthy person) reversed – def. ‘Summer’s drink’
15 THe vilLAGE *(LEAVE LIGHT) – def. ‘pArt of New York’
16 GNASH G (good) NASH (architect) – def. ‘Bite’
19 SCALABLE LAB (workroom) in SCALE (film)
20 INTI NT (books) in I I (I repeatedly) – def. ‘old Peruvian braSs’
23 PharmACIST *(I SMART CHAP) – def. ‘he can supply things for dosE
25 PSORIC SOR[t] (short kind) in PIC (photo) – def. ‘of skiN in poor condition’
27 ESPY E (European) SPY (agent)
29 SPERGULA *(SPARE GLU[e]) – def. ‘planT
32 crimeAN WAR *(EMIR) in CAN (jail) W (with) AR (Arabia)
34 ILLITE I’LL IT [medicin]E – def. ‘mineral obtained from Shales’
35  BIG GUN dd
36 FLING [waf]FLING – def. ‘tOss’
37 LUFFA FF (they made it) in L (lecturer) U (university) A[rtwork]
38 ISOGLOSS I (one) SO (very good) GLOSS (explanation in margin) – def. ‘liNe on a map’
39 OUTLawry OUT (not in) LAW (the rules) R[eall]Y – def. ‘bandit’s staTe’

1 TAMES *(MEATS) – def. ‘makes flaT
2 ILIACUS I (in) AIL (trouble) reversed) CUS[s] (almost swear)
3 SANDAL S (is) AN DAL (Indian word) – def. ‘boOt’ – I would hardly describe a ‘sandal’ as a ‘boot’ and to add to the confusion a ‘sandal’ is also a type of N African boat.
5 DAN dd – second def. ‘tUb’
6 VETS dd
7 ROLLICK ROLL (turn) [k]ICK (boot, top missing) – def. ‘behave in a way that’s Jolly’
8 TRAP dd – first def. ‘lOft ladder’
9 INGOT INGO (reveal, Scottish) T[wisted]
10 GUERITE hidden in ‘cataloGUER ITEmizes’ – def. ‘tUrret’
12 MONA LISA MON (Japanese family crest) *(IS ALA[s])
17 ABAC A in ABC (elementary book)
18 HEADRAIL *(I HAD REAL) – def. ‘baR on ship’s prow’
21 SPECIFIc heat *(IF THE ICE CAPS) &lit
22 GRYDING YD (yard) in G[angland] RING (clique) – def. ‘cutting (featuring harsh Sound)’
23 PHEW homophone of ‘few’ (not many)
26 KUNG FU *(GUN ) F (fine) in UK (this country) reversed – def. ‘an arT for self-defence’
28 SYLLabuseS *(E ALLYS SUBS) – def. ‘lessOns in some courses’
30 ANNAL ANN (girl) A[ppreciate] L[ast]
31 CLIO CL (Sri Lanka) I[nvestigate] O[dd] – def. ‘faRe of whales’
35 BIStort BIS (twice) TORT homophone of ‘taught’ (exhibited) – def. ‘planT

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  1. Peter Mabey says:

    In 3 down, the def is woOd

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