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Private Eye/Cyclops 405 – Copper bottomed

Posted by beermagnet on December 7th, 2009


I expect there’s a fair bit of copper in one of Brenda’s crowns too.
Intro joke: What’s green and misty? (ans below)
Let’s get stuck into the detail:

1 CASUAL (USA)< (America’s comeback) inside CAL (state of Arnie)
4 STUART U (posh) inside START (surprise) Def. Royal family. I really liked this clue:
Royal family’s surprise taking in of Posh? (6)
9 EPIC PI (Goody-goody) inside EC (City area)
10 DRUG PUSHER CD Dope is sometimes called shit (mind you, anything and everything seems to be called shit at some time).
12 EXPERT [th]E (end of the) X (times) PERT (Neat) Def. Ace!
13 CHARMER H[ard] ARM (member) E[cstasy] all inside C[ondo]R
17 SHOW (WHO’S)* AInd: ballsed up
18 FELT TIP FELT (fondled) TIP (end)
20 STUDIO STUD (sexual athlete) I[n] O[utrageous] First one I got
22 ALFRESCO (FLARES)* AInd: ghastly; then CO (firm)
24 PRIVATE EYE CD/DD in inimitable Eye style. I needed an embarassingly large number of crossing letters before the penny dropped on this one.  Thus “best clue award” goes here:
A dick you’re holding? (7,3)
25/15 STEP DOWN STEP (measure) DOWN (fed up)
26 CANADA (AC)< (Bill back) (AND)* AInd: screwing; [Monic]A
Classic Cyclops subject matter for a clue
27 HARD-ON HARD (difficult) ON (performing)
1 COPPER DD old boiler and PC. When I was tiny I remember granny boiling up the copper on washday.  (“Don’t forget the packet of ‘Blue‘”  What the hell was that stuff?)
2 SACRED COW SAC (bag) RED (scarlet) COW (woman who’s objectionable)
3 AUDIT AUDI (car) T[ories]
5 TOP SECRET (PRESCOTT + E)* AInd: confused. As the “E” was given by just “direction” it was tricky to know exactly what to use for the anagram fodder
6 AESOP A[rcher] (POSE)< Have I parsed this clue right?
‘Fabulous author’ Archer’s chief affectation, doing a U-turn (5)
7 THE CROWN DD “Brenda symbolically” and “tender? Not any more”.
The most recent crown was the Churchill Crown and according to this link it continues to be legal tender, i.e. worth 5s = 25p which is just as well as there were so many made they are not the collector’s items that people might think and are typically worth, er, about 25p. [Insufficient space for beermagnet’s brother’s Churchill Crown anecdote.]
8 SUPREME LEADER (PERSUADER)* AInd: useless; around MELE[e] (a muddled bunch endlessly).
The Def. “Our Gordon” refers to Eye’s characterisation of GB in the context of their page “Prime Ministerial Decree issued by the Supreme Leader”
14 AFFRONTED [s]AFFRON (Sun abandoned yellow) TED (Mr Heath)
15 DEPRESSED PRESS (newspapers) inside DEED (action). A clue construction I’ve often seen for this answer, and as such it gave me a real “Doh!” moment as it was the last answer I entered, so it must’ve fooled me the first few times I read it.
16 RHETORIC (CHERI[e] ROT)* AInd: nonsensical
19 SCREEN C[onservative] R[ight] inside SEEN (viewed) Def. trustworthiness test
21 DEVON (ONE VD)* AInd: racked
23 FREDA F (DEAR)* AInd: off

Joke ans: Kermit the fog!

8 Responses to “Private Eye/Cyclops 405 – Copper bottomed”

  1. Craig Jones says:

    Another excellent blog. I agree with your “best clue award”, it made me chuckle when I (eventually) filled it in.

  2. Bellers says:

    24A absolutely did not work for me, doing the electronic version.
    Could some kind soul ease my distress and expand on why Goody-goody=pi?

  3. beermagnet says:

    Pi occasionally crops up in crosswords clued by e.g. “good” or “holy”. It is short for pious thus goody-goody.

  4. Frank O'Sullivan says:

    I was lead astray by using drug dealer rather than pusher -Hey Ho! With 4A do not understand U = POSH.
    Thanks for explaining Pi also.

  5. beermagnet says:

    U = posh comes from U standing for Upper-class
    This wiki entry explains:
    Those Mitford gels have a lot to answer for.
    I can assure you I knew nothing of this until a couple of years ago when I discovered it from crosswords where it is one of a number of old conventions.
    Anyway, these days most people who are obviously upper-class describe themselves as middle class (e.g. Julian Barnes, Simon Hoggart, that sort of cove) so I expect we’ll get M=posh before we know it.

  6. Frank O'Sullivan says:

    Thanks beermagnet -I followed the link and it opened a little window (if you pardon the pun) on to social attitudes in the not too dim and distant.

  7. Martin says:

    Is there an on line version of the Private Eye crossword? I cannot find one.
    Appreciate any help.

  8. beermagnet says:

    Certainly is. Here:;

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