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Financial Times 13,255 / Aardvark

Posted by Gaufrid on December 9th, 2009


I did not expect to see Aardvark again quite so soon and particularly on a Wednesday. Nothing too tricky today and nothing to quibble about with all clues being fair, if a little dull in places. However, 17a was nicely misleading, 12a raised a smile and 14a brought back pleasant memories of that excellent series ‘Not Only … But Also’.

1 WATER POLO OP (work) reversed in WATERLO[o] (endless battle)
6 INPUT P[asser-by] U[rged] in *(TIN)
9 TRIPOLI TRIPO[d] (director misses camera gear) L (left) I (one)
10 TO TASTE TOT (baby) *(SEAT)
11 HOVER H[elp] OVER (deliveries)
14 DUD U (posh) in DD (dates) – reference to Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, often shortened to Pete and Dud
15 NESSUN DORMA *(SOUNDS) R (right) in AMEN (part of prayer) reversed
17 WHITE-COLLAR *(WITH) E (European) COLLAR (nick)
19 BID B (British) ID (passport)
20 SODA BREAD S (son) ADO (bother) reversed homophone of ‘bred’ (trained)
22 GILLS G[r]ILLS (leaving river severely examines)
24 OPULENT PU[ppies] in *(ELTON)
26 TREFOIL REF (official) in TOIL (struggle hard)
27 TITCH [pregnan]T ITCH (craving)
28 MAHARISHI HAM (actor) reversed A SIR (teacher) reversed HI (greeting)

1 WATCH [s]WATCH (sample neglects south)
2 THIEVED T[heatre] EVE (first woman) in HID (concealed)
3 RIO GRANDE *(GROAN) in RIDE (journey)
4 OLIVER STONE O (Oscar) *(VOTERS) in LINE (business)
5 OPT [s]T[e]P[s]O[n] reversed
6 IN TOW N (knight) T (tenor) in IOW (island)
7 PASTEUR PASTE (stick) U (turn) R (right) – reference to Louis Pasteur
8 THE STRAND T (tense) HE[i]ST (robbery removing innermost) RAND (money)
14 DOWNSPOUT D (daughter) OWNS (has) *(UP TO)
16 DE RIGUEUR R (river) in *(GUIDE) RUE (street, in French) reversed
18 IN DOUBT DO (party in IN U (university) BT (phone people)
19 BILIOUS BI (twice) OIL (greasy stuff) reversed US
21 BEECH BEE (worker) CH (clearing house)
23 SOLTI O (circle) L (line) in ITS (that’s) reversed
25 TIM MIT (with, in German) reversed

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  1. Jake says:

    Thanks for the answers here.

    I really struggled with this. (uncompleted)!

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