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Financial Times 13,257 – Bradman

Posted by Gaufrid on December 11th, 2009


Saturday – Now that this puzzle has eventually appeared on the FT website here is an analysis.

A mixed bunch of clues from Bradman, some very easy and some that exercised the mind a little. As usual with this setter, all clues were scrupulously fair so I have nothing to quibble about. COED and/or Collins were needed for confirmation in a few cases (eg 11a & 21d) as the required meanings are not in Chambers.

1 RACIST RAC (emergency body) I (one) ST (good person)
4 ISOTHERM [mont]H in *(MOISTER)
9 NAURU N (name) A UR (very old city) U (university)
10 JAMES BOND JAM (sticky situation) *(NO BEDS)
11 OUTLIER cd – the Collins’ definition is “(Statistics) a point in a sample widely separated from the main cluster of points in the sample”
12 EXPRESS EX (lover who’s split off) PRESS (the crowd)
13 ECHO hidden in ‘speECH Obviously’
17 PLUCKILY P (president) LUCKILY (fortunately)
19 BLAH L (Liberal) in BAH (silly talk)
22 MODISTE ODIST (poet) in ME
24 DEADPAN AD (notice) PA (old man) in DEN (study)
25 GUSTATORY GUST (sudden outburst) A TORY (a politician)
26 BRASH B (bishop) RASH (reckless)
28 MOVE IN MO (short time) VEIN (distinctive quality)

1 RANSOMED RAN (managed) SOME (one particular) D (day)
2 COURTSHIP COURTS (royal household’s) HIP (fashionable)
3 SAUDIS UDI (declaration of independence) in SAS (fighting force)
6 TOSSPOT TOPS (kills) SOT (another {drunkard}) reversed
7 EPODE POD (school) in EE (English repeatedly)
8 MODEST MODES (means) T (time) – ‘extra’ seems to be superfluous
10 JEROME K JEROME JE (I, in French) ROME (see) *(JOKER) ME (this writer)
16 CHIN-CHIN CHIN[a] CHIN[a] (country falls short repeatedly)
18 UPSTAGE UP (at Oxford maybe) STAGE (a bit of a rocket)
20 IMAGED I’M AGED (yours truly’s not at all young)
21 BAMBOO BAM (hard sound) BOO (discouraging sound) – ‘bam’ is in COED but not Chambers or Collins
23 DISCO DISCO[very] (find not very)

5 Responses to “Financial Times 13,257 – Bradman”

  1. Benington says:

    Bit confused here.

    My paper FT has #13,257 set by Bradman.

  2. Tony Welsh says:

    Did you complete it, Benington? I think I have everything except 7d (ecole?) but a few answers are a bit weird imho

  3. Gaufrid says:

    Sorry Tony but I have closed this post to further comments for the time being to avoid spoilers for those, like me, who have yet to be able to attempt the puzzle. Additional comments will be allowed when the blog has been published.

  4. Bradman says:

    Thanks Gaufrid. The puzzle is now on the FT website. Enjoy!

  5. shuchi says:

    Hi Gaufrid

    Thanks for filling in for me for the blog.

    This was easy to get into, tough to finish. Needed the dictionary for TOSSPOT and CHIN-CHIN. OUTLIERS on the other hand was one of the first words I entered, it’s typical IT project management jargon.

    The JAMES BOND clue is a classic.

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