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Independent 7,228 by Virgilius

Posted by Simon Harris on 15th December 2009

Simon Harris.

If I were to choose a title for this puzzle it would be “Bottoms Up” – partly for thematic reasons, but also because that’s how the answers fell in today. The bottom half came together rather swiftly, whilst the remainder was a bit of a ‘mare, I’m afraid.

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Financial Times 13260 / Neo

Posted by C G Rishikesh on 15th December 2009

C G Rishikesh.

I am standing in for Agentzero. I had great time solving this puzzle. But for this opportunity, I might not have solved this. I must admit that I had a slow start.  Not that the clues are very difficult but that the surface reading of some of them is deceptive even as it is smooth. I can’t speak or write in French or German but I know some words in these languages and so the foreign element did not bother me. I completed the bottom half first. The last to go in were 9a and 10a and 7d (which is a hidden, mind you!) and 8d. The very last? It was 4d. I cracked it only during a pause in writing this blog. Let the setter say “Neo has no clue for this one!” The solver is relieved that he does not say IT BEATS ME. Thank-you Neo for an enjoyable crossword.

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Guardian 24883 – Puck The Magic Dragon

Posted by Uncle Yap on 15th December 2009

Uncle Yap.

What a fantastic puzzle this turned out to be. A dash of risque, some fun with numbers and a potpourri of some creative and clever devices and the whole thing, extremely entertaining. One of the best I have tackled. Indeed, Puck, the magic dragon.

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