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Financial Times 13,261 / Satori

Posted by Gaufrid on December 16th, 2009


A few weeks ago we had the last Taupi in the Guardian. Now we are told that this is Satori’s final puzzle. It is a fitting tribute to the talents of the late Albie Fiore.

Nothing overly difficult, but a fine mixture of clue types coupled with some good surfaces made this puzzle a pleasure to solve. I particularly liked the conciseness of 25ac and the wordplay in several other clues made me smile.

1 LEGALISE SILAGE (fodder) reversed in LE (the French)
5 SCREAM S (Sunday) CREAM (best)
9 CLOISTER C (cold) S[haven] in LOITER (hang around)
10,27 BUTTER SCOTCH Spoonerism of scutter (run off) botch (muck up)
12 TANGERINE ANGER (great vexation) in TINE (spike)
14,21 COMEDIES COME (move towards) DIES (passes on)
16 PITHEAD IT (object) HE (that man) in PAD (flat)
19 DRESS UP DR (physician) E (drug) PUSS (cat) reversed
24 LATER LAT[h]ER (bubbles losing height)
28 PINAFORE hidden reversal in ‘mothER OF A NIPper’
30 REVEREND EVER (always) in REND (split)

1 LOCATE CO (company) in LATE (delayed)
2,22 GROUND STROKE GROUND (earth) STROKE (mother’s loving gesture)
3 LISLE hidden in ‘girL IS LEft’
4 STERILE ER (the queen) in STILE (steps)
6 COURGETTE URGE (egg) in COT (bed) [cra]TE
7 ESTEEMED MEETS (sporting events) in DEE (river) reversed
8 MARINADE IN A D (day) in MARE (horse)
11,20 REAPPEAR REAP (cut) PEAR (fruit)
15 OBSTRUCTS B[ack] ST (street) in *(COURTS)
17 IDOLISED I DO (matrimonial vow) S (direction) in LIED (wasn’t truthful)
18 SEA TROUT SEAT (bottom) ROUT (beating)
23 SCREED S (southern) CREED (belief)
26 HEAVE E (English) in HAVE (own)

5 Responses to “Financial Times 13,261 / Satori”

  1. Eileen says:

    Thanks, Gaufrid. Another sad day.

    25ac was my favourite, too.

    I had PINAFORE entered for a while before I saw why!

  2. Bradman says:

    PINAFORE was the last one I solved. A fine clue to finish on, though in very sad circumstances, I agree.

  3. Benington says:

    Enjoyable if relatively easy puzzle.

    No idea Satori and Taupi were one and the same – RIP a fine setter.

  4. Drunclejohn says:

    But why is a stroke a MOTHER’S loving gesture, particularly??

  5. verbose says:

    @Drunclejohn: I thought it just meant “earth mother” for ground.

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