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Thank You

Posted by Gaufrid on December 19th, 2009


I would like to say thank you to the Fifteensquared team members who have all taken time out of their busy schedules to post blogs during the past twelve months. I’m sure your efforts have been much appreciated, particularly by those new or relatively new to cryptic puzzles.

I would also like offer a word of thanks to those who have contributed to the site by adding comments. Please continue to do so (though try and keep roughly on-topic if you can :-) ).

Finally I would like to thank all the setters, and their crossword editors, for the many hours of enjoyment (and perhaps a little frustration or even annoyance at times) they have provided during the last year. Please keep up the good work and give us more challenges next year.

Seasonal felicitations to all bloggers, commenters, lurkers, setters and solutionists everywhere. May you have every cruciverbal success during the coming year.


ps: ‘solutionist’ is in Chambers but not Collins or COED :-)

28 Responses to “Thank You”

  1. cholecyst says:

    Thanks, Gaufrid. And thanks to the team!

    Merry Christmas everyone.

  2. Eileen says:

    A very big ‘thank you’ is due to Gaufrid, for the formidable amount of work he does – drawing up schedules, arranging substitutes, very often filling in the gap himself – and for all the extras he has done during his time as administrator. He firmly but kindly and tactfully led us through a difficult time in the early part of the year, arranging a ‘chat room’ and initiating a discussion policy, which together have kept us [more or less!] on topic and within the bounds of decency and fair play. The recent changes in the layout of the site have been very helpful and very much appreciated. People with far more know-how than I have, technophobe that I am, have indicated that this was a considerable task – to me it all still seems like magic!

    So – very many thanks, Gaufrid, for all the above and also for being able to be relied on, at least 99.9% of the time, to supply that last elusive explanation! :-)

    [And I’d like to add my own thanks to everyone Gaufrid has listed. A very Happy Christmas, everyone, and every good wish for 2010!]

  3. Tees/ Neo says:

    Indeed – many thanks to all bloggers, to Gaufrid and to everyone who contributes to this great and groovy site. Happy Xmas and New Year too.


  4. liz says:

    Thanks, Gaufrid, for all your hard work. Much appreciated! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all contributors to fifteensquared. A very enjoyable site!

  5. IanN14 says:

    Yeah, me too,
    Thanks Gaufrid, and Happy Christmas, especially to all the regulars…

  6. Quixote etc. says:

    Your blog and others like yours are the way ahead for helping newcomers to understand crosswords better. You are making a huge contribution to the world of cruciverbalism. As a setter, I also value your contributions in terms of feedback. This feedback may be from a relatively small base and generally comes from the more able element of solvers, but it is often very helpful and encouraging. Contributors have also managed to conduct affairs in a very polite manner. Well Done, all, and Merry Christmas! Don

  7. Colin Blackburn says:

    Many thanks Gaufrid for maintaining 15^2 as the wide-ranging site it is. It is great to see such a wide variety of puzzles blogged in one place, from the Everyman to the Inquisitor.

    Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year to Gaufrid, the rest of the blogging team, the commenters, the readers and, of course, the setters. You all give me something to do when I should probably be working.



  8. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Yes, I echo all of the above. My solving and enjoyment of cryptics has come on massively since I came to this site in the autumn. Thanks to all involved.

  9. eimi says:

    Thanks to Gaufrid for his hard work and particularly for the recent revamp, to all the team for their blogs, which most of the setters seem to enjoy, and to the commenters. Let’s see more of you lurkers making comments next year.

  10. Mick H says:

    Thanks Gaufrid, and Merry Christmas to Fifteensquared and all who sail in her. I tell people about the site as often as I can, but there are still many people out there who would use it if they but knew. Any thoughts on how to publicise these great efforts? A few years ago we handed out leaflets at the Times Crossword champs, but that was still targeting the obsessive few (no offence, fellow obsessives!)

  11. anax says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all, and especially to Gaufrid for his exceptional work in maintaining the blog.

    And I’d also like to extend special best wishes to those bloggers of the more complicated thematic puzzles, who have put in very considerable work to provide extensive formatted notes. Doing that sort of thing in Word can be a royal pain – getting it all right in html is even more so. Well done, and thanks to you all.

  12. Alberich says:

    I echo others’ thanks for the excellent blog, which has helped me out many a time when stuck on a clue. Your hard work is much appreciated. (As are the nice comments about my FT puzzles!) Merry Christmas to all the team and all the best for 2010.

  13. Bannsider says:

    Thanks to all the bloggers and their team captain for a fascinating year of cruciverbal critiquing. Many of these blogs make interesting reading even if one has not done the puzzle (which sadly is usually the case for me!)

    Merry Christmas and all the best for the New year to all betters and sloggers :-)

  14. Shirley says:

    I echo all these comments – I would say to Eimi the main reason why I don’t comment more often is that most people have got there first! We start the crossword in bed at over a cup of tea at 8.30 (do I hear a groan from all you workers)? then finish it any time from breakfast until teatime. We never look at the blog until we’ve finished.
    One way to publicise the site might be to see if a Guardian journalist might like to write an article on crossword addicts and mention fifteen squared in passing?

  15. Eileen says:


    Oh for the return of Sandy Balfour’s Guardian ‘X-philes’!

    [Actually, Hugh Stephenson, the current editor, did recommend this site in his newsletter of 3rd December 2008.]

  16. 4across says:

    And long may it, and you, all continue…

  17. Sil van den Hoek says:

    Many many thanks to (especially) Gaufrid for his brilliant work.
    Without this site I wouldn’t be where I am now (in Cryptic Land).
    At my workplace, Fifteensquared appears to be blocked ….
    Must be a very very special site then …!!
    All the best for the Year(s) to come.

  18. Martin Searle says:

    I’ll add my thanks to the chorus.

  19. judy bentley says:

    I heartily endorse Gaufrid’s comments. Thank you everyone. Merry Christmas.

  20. Ian says:

    Well done Gaufrid and also all the bloggers for their time and courtesy to explain some of the tremendously baffling clues that are set.

    To all of you I hope you are having a happy Christmas.

  21. Davy says:

    Yes, thanks to Gaufrid and his team for all the hard work which is much appreciated.

    Just one question as I’m fairly new to this site which I discovered by accident when searching the web.
    Has any of the team ever been totally stumped by a clue ?. I know there must be a lot of pressure to
    solve each puzzle especially with the time constraint.

    Season’s greeting to one and all.

  22. C G Rishikesh says:

    I think there have been instances of a blogger not giving the solution to a particular clue and one of the commenters coming along promptly to provide it.

  23. muck says:

    And my thanks too, to one and all

  24. Shuchi says:

    Happy New Year to all. I thoroughly enjoy being a blogger on Fifteensquared, and learn a lot from other bloggers and commenters. Special thanks to Gaufrid for managing the site so well and to the setters for creating amazing puzzles. Here’s wishing Fifteensquared continued success in the years to come.

  25. Brendan says:

    (Virgilius asked me to include him on this)

    Greetings from Portland, Oregon.

    Thanks so much to Gaufrid and the team for a great service to cruciverbaldom.

    Crosswords — a harmless pleasure making sense in a crazy, sad, and violent world.

  26. nmsindy says:

    Thanks to Brendan (Virgilius) for his comment. Tho I can speak only for myself I think bloggers may be fans with a typewriter, as they say.

    Don’t worry too much about the world tho – we’ve got a fair distance so far.

  27. Andrew Kitching says:

    This is a very valuable site for relative beginners lime me. Keep up the good work. Happy New Year!

  28. The trafites says:

    We concur with Shuchi; great fun and a great site.

    Happy New Year to all and a successful solving year to come!

    Lorraine & Nick

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