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Financial Times 13,258 by Cincinnus

Posted by Pete Maclean on December 22nd, 2009

Pete Maclean.

Prize puzzle from the Weekend FT of December 12

Two Cincinnus puzzles in a row? It must be Christmas!

I solved this one very quickly although stumbled for a minute or two after entering WEE LAMB (instead of EWE LAMB) for 7D (which left me B_W_P for 6A). My favourites here are 14A, 1D and 13D. 10A is impressive too.

1. DOMICILES – ICI (here in Paris) in anagram of MODELS
6. BLEEP – PEEL (strip) + [clu]B all backwards
9. SUNBEAM – SUN (star) + B[ottl]E + AM (morning)
10. ANTWERP – ANT (worker) + WER[e] (used to be docked) + P[ier]
11. YUCCA – Y[ale] + U[niversity] + CC (measure) + A (a)
12. NYASALAND – N (nothing) + SAY backwards + A (a) + LAND (country)
14. DIE – double definition
17. IMPARTIALLY – I (one) + M (million) + PARTIALLY (not entirely)
19. SUM – homophone (“some”)
20. GOLDFINCH – GOLDFINGER (Bond movie) with GER (German) replaced by CH (Switzerland)
22. IMAMS – MI (note) backwards + A (a) + MS (manuscript)
24. INVERSE – “in verse” (how Wordsworth wrote)
26. RAINIER – double definition
27. EARTH – double definition
28. EASY-GOING – EASY (piece of cake) + GOING (departure)

1. DUSTY – S[impson] in DUTY (tax)
2. MANACLE – MAN (chap) + C (city) in ALE (drink)
3. CHEVALIER – anagram of A LIVE in CHER (US singer)
4. LAMENTATION – T[ory] on LAME (weak) + NATION (state)
5. SKA – hidden word
6. BOTHA – BOTHA[m] (referring to Ian Botham)
7. EWE LAMB – WE (we) in E (English) + LAMB (essayist)
8. PIPE DREAM – PIPED (conveyed) + REAM (paper)
14. DOING TIME – cryptic definition
16. SKYDIVING – YD (yard) in SKIVING (avoiding work)
18. PALAVER – PAL (friend) + AVER (say)
19. SWAHILI – anagram of I[r]ISH LAW
21. FORTH – double definition (with flower meaning river of course)
23. SPRIG – S (small) + R (right) in PIG (animal)
25. EYE – double definition

6 Responses to “Financial Times 13,258 by Cincinnus”

  1. Sil van den Hoek says:

    Good crossword, as ever from Cincinnus.
    My real favourites were 6ac (BLEEP) with the clever ‘misleading’ combination Strip Club, 20ac (GOLDFINCH), 3d (CHEVALIER) with its nice ‘a live broadcast’ and 18d (PALAVER) because of the unexpected use of ‘say’.
    So very different from yours, Pete.

    The good thing about Cincinnus is, in my opinion, that his clues are always (I say, always) completely fair and correct.
    Of course there are one or two ‘old chestnuts’ like 24ac (INVERSE), and some clues that are not really my style (e.g. 25d (EYE) or 14d (DOING TIME)), but even so.

    Two little remarks about the blog.
    In 12ac it should be A LAND instead of LAND.
    (BTW, a pity to clue part of a country with a country)
    And Pete, in 23d you surely meant to say R(idge).

  2. Pete Maclean says:

    Hi Sil. I also liked PALAVER but did not single it out because I had seen the same clue, or one very like it, before. Like you, I was not crazy about DOING TIME.

    Thanks for the 12A correction. I have edited the entry.


  3. Wil Ransome says:

    Is 14dn really a CD? I saw it as ‘practising’ = ‘doing’, ‘horology’ = ‘time’, definition ‘inside’.

  4. Pete Maclean says:

    Ah, perhaps not. If “inside” is the definition, which makes sense, then it rather rules out a CD, doesn’t it? But “horology” does not mean time; it means either the study of the measurement of time or the art of clock-making. So I find it hard to accept it as a simple charade.

  5. John Newman says:


    Happy new year to you. I feel I want to make a little complaint that the easy clue 6D has, unusually for Cincinnus, an extraneous word, “has”. It threw me as I felt has had to be shortened to ha. This was fine for the second definition but left me looking for an english cricketer named Bot.

    Loved 20A. And was pleased that me childhood stamp collecting helped me know the answer to 12A.



  6. Pete Maclean says:

    Hi John, I had missed that extra word in 6D but, now you come to mention it, I do see your point.

    I can say the same as you about Nyasaland!

    Happy New 2010 to you,


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