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Financial Times 13,266 / Viking

Posted by Gaufrid on December 22nd, 2009


Apologies yet again for a late post. It appears that the scheduled substitute has not been able blog today so I am stepping in as second-sub. Nothing too difficult in this one and nothing with which to take issue. The surfaces were generally good and I rather liked some of the concise clues, particularly 18ac, 1dn and 21dn.

7 SOL SOL[d] (traded short)
9 NABOB B[anking] O[mbudsman] BAN (veto) reversed
10 INGENUOUS INGENiOUS (clever) with ‘i’ (one) changed to ‘U’ (university)
11 RIGOLETTO LE (the French) in RIG (dress) OTT (extreme) O (ball)
12 BACON NO CAB (missing taxi) reversed
15 SUIT dd
18 SCAR SCAR[y] (almost frightening)
20 BIG GAME dd
23 HAREM E (eastern) in *([c]HARM)
24 GLASSWARE SS (ship) WAR (struggle) in *(GALE)
27 PRODI PROD (stimulus) I (Italy) &lit – Romano Prodi, former Italian President of the Council of Ministers
28 STY ST[a]Y (guy’s lost a)

1 CONTRACT CON (prisoner) TRACT (stretch)
2 TOBOGGAN BOG (marsh) in *(TONGA)
3 SYBIL LIBY[a]S (wanting answer North African country’s) reversed
4 ROISTER I (number one) in ROSTER (list)
5 POGROMS G (good) RO (run out) in POMS (English down under)
6 ENNOBLING *(NONE) BLING (conspicuous wealth)
7 SMOOCH S[paniel] MOOCH (wander about)
8 LOSING SIN (error) in LOG (record)
14 INCOMMODE MOD (government department) in INCOME (salary)
16 MACARONI hidden reversal in ‘gIN OR A CAMpari’
17 DELETION D (daughter) ELaTION (joy) with ‘a’ changed to ‘E’ (Spain)
19 REGATTA R (run) [w]ATTAGE (power rating after losing head) reversed
20 BRAVADO BRA (support) V (see) ADO (fuss)
21 SHUCKS dd
22 TRENDY END (close) in TRY (attempt)
25 SEPIA I (iodine) in APES (copies) reversed

One Response to “Financial Times 13,266 / Viking”

  1. Benington says:

    Thanks Gaufrid.

    As you say, a good, relatively easy puzzle with no controversial clues.

    That’s something of a rarity!

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