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Independent 7232 by Phi (Sat 19-Dec)

Posted by beermagnet on December 25th, 2009


This was surprisingly easy for a Prize Puzzle, especially as I was half-expecting a Christmas special, and Phi can produce some tough nuts when he wants to. But that’s not to say it wasn’t enjoyable as indeed are most puzzles by Phi.

1 POSH P[ost] O[ffice] SH (Shhh! Silent) Rather an easy clue for a Prize puzzle 1 Across and would’ve been an instant write-in in another place but I was so surprised to get it so fast
3 OBSCURED O.B.s (Old Boys) CURED (put right)
10 THE GREEK CALENDS (SKETCHED GENERAL)* AInd: in action. Definition: Never. One of those lovely cases where the wordplay and crossing letters lead inexorably to an answer that I have never heard of, and find an interesting history to the phrase:
From the paragraph about the Greek Calends at this wiki:
The calends was a feature of the Latin calendar, absent from the Greek calendar. Accordingly, to postpone something ad Kalendas Graecas (“to the Greek calends”) meant postponing it forever.
11 ANECDOTAL AN (article) (LOCATED)* AInd: mistakenly
12 UNIT Hidden in mUNITions
13 CLOBBER DD in two ways! Belt and Socks and Clobber can all mean clothing and also hitting My favourite clue:
Belt and socks etc.(7)
15 IDENTS DENT (hollow) inside IS
19 TOPKNOT Definition + a CD that I liked: … display, securing scout a badge?
20 SLOT S[ubstantial] LOT (amount) This is a SLOT in the sense of a position on (e.g.) an entertainment bill
21 AGRONOMIC M.O. (Modus Operandi – way of working) reversed inside (ORGANIC)* AInd: ground
24 PEREGRINE PICKLE PEREGRINE (bird) PICKLE (trouble) An archetypal picaresque novel by Tobias Smollett
Second last to go in though I had Peregrine in place for some time.   In the end the crossing letters and a vague memory led to Pickle but I could not have placed it as Smollett.
25 ROSE-PINK Spoonerised “Pose Rink”
1 PITTANCE PITT (ex-PM – take your choice of which) ACE (very good) around N[ew] Excellent satirical def: minimum wage?
4 BACILLI BA (graduate) C[ollege] ILL (ailing) I (one)
5 COLOURED PENCIL (COUNCILLOR DEEP)* AInd: struggling.  It is astonishing the art that can be produced with coloured pencils.   Please see the exhibitions at the UK Coloured Pencil Society website
6 RIN TIN TIN R[uns], IN, TIN TIN (boy reporter) It’s that dog again
7 DUSK D[arkness] USK (river)
8 CREDIBILITY GAP R[ecipe], EDIBILITY (food quality), G[ood] all inside CAP (top place) One of those where I only worked out the wordplay when writing the blog
9 MENTOR MEN (soldiers) TO R[etreat] Last one I put in. Fooled by “Retreat at the outset” delivering just R, thinking there was some reversal in the wordplay
14 OVERLORDS OVER (finished) LORDS (cricket ground)
16 E-TICKETS STEE[p] (mostly expensive) backwards around TICK (Credit)
18 SHAVIAN [aristophane]S [rehas]H AVIAN (of the birds) Good surface reading here
22 MIKES MI[n]KES These whales
23 SPUR SPUR[t] Jabber as in something that jabs

5 Responses to “Independent 7232 by Phi (Sat 19-Dec)”

  1. Phi says:

    Let me, as a seasonal treat, just give you a Nina alert. Not a massive Nina, but one that is only really true if you don’t spot it.

    Merry Christmas


  2. sidey says:

    Off topic, but the Indy site has an old Quixote puzzle(880) for today. A nice one too.

  3. Richard3435 says:

    That would be veni vidi vici in a symmetrical arrangement in three of the rows without across clues.

    I suppose that the solver who spots it can say it to Phi, rather than the other way around as he suggests.

  4. The Scotts says:

    I’m not sure how anyone found that Nina – or would even spot that there was one!?

  5. beermagnet says:

    1-0 to Phi.
    Because this was on the easy side for a prize puzzle I looked very, very hard for a Nina. I mean, imagine the embarrassment of blogging the puzzle and not spotting the Nina. I even subjected it to an intense scrute with my specially developed laser-guided Nina detector and it found no trace.
    I think I’ll let the patent lapse on that one.

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