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Independent 7239/Glowworm

Posted by John on December 29th, 2009


How lucky I am. Yesterday’s Anax took me absolutely ages, and that was with a paper copy in front of me, which always makes it a little easier. Preparing to do this online shortly after midnight I feared the worst, but in fact it was a mild and pleasant crossword from Glowworm themed around 1ac.

1 THE WIZARD OF OZ — the = article, expert = wizard (old slang?), oz. = little weight
9 AK(EL)A — ref boy scouts and Kipling’s Jungle Book
11 ENSHRINED — (dinners he)*
12 EVIAN — (naive)rev.
13 T IN MAN — ‘blotke’ can be seen as ‘t in man’, another W of O reference
14 ESTRANGE — (sergeant)*
17 {l}END(US)ERS
20 EDITED — (tide)rev. ed
23 crypT OR CHancel
25 SCARECROW — (cowers)* around car — I hadn’t realised that scarecrow had this meaning, but perhaps it doesn’t and it’s just that a scarecrow is inanimate. Anyway, another W of O reference.
26 TOTTERING — tot (rig net)*
27 KNAVE — kn (Eva)rev. I think, with ‘ties’ simply meaning combines/links/puts together
28 YEAR IN YEAR OUT — 2 defs, one of them referring to the fact that Thursday night is New Year’s Eve
1 TEAK {s}ETTLE — ‘going into’???
3 IN ARREARS — “inner ears”
4 ANGINA — (ana{gg}ing)*
5 DORADOS — (sod a rod)rev.
6 FABLE — if you get rid of ‘oak’ from ‘of a bleak’, this is what you are left with
8 LION — the girl rising from 7 (zillion) is Liz, and this is another W of O reference
14 gEtLoSt — Ernie Els is a pretty good golfer but crossword setters are particularly fond of him. He often appears in the Azed Slip. I don’t like clues of the form [wordplay] with [def], although [def] with [wordplay] is OK. In the first case what does the ‘with’ actually mean?
15 RU(DBE)CK 1 A{laddin}
16 ENDOWMENT — (women tend)*
18 DO ROTH {Hard}Y — references yet again to the W of O and to Philip Roth 
19 {d}ROSS IN {su}I{te} — I think probably, although why the dross is godforsaken I’m not sure
21 TORN A DO — and another — I’m never very happy with definitions of this type (phrases without a subject) — recently Azed tried to justify some of them but I couldn’t see what he meant. To me they simply seem inadequate.
22 TANGLY — (at Glyn)*
23 TOT O — and another
24 HYENA — “hi Ena”

9 Responses to “Independent 7239/Glowworm”

  1. Simon Harris says:

    Hi, I found this much tougher than you did, and eventually turned to your remarkably early post in order to finish it off, so well blogged :)

    25 – Scarecrow is “brainless” in the context of this particular book/film. He’s in search of a brain, much like the other chaps are in search of, well, other stuff.

    19 – I similarly wondered about [d]ROSS, but Chambers has D for Deus/God so “Godforsaken” does work quite nicely.

    Thanks for explaining FABLE and “Blotke”, would never have understood those without your help.

  2. Simon Harris says:

    Hmm, and I wonder how many readers can recall the names of the lion, scarecrow and tin man without turning to Wikipedia?

  3. sidey says:

    Yes Simon, The Scarecrow in the film is brainless, similarly The Tin Man is heartless and The Lion is spineless. Nice linking.

  4. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Everyone on night shift or in a different time zone last night?

    Since we’re in the middle of rehearsing Wizard of Oz for our village pantomime I didn’t have much excuse to not finish this one. After yesterday, was pleased to get there, with just one or two I didn’t understand, so thank you, John for the early blog. I thought it was a well-constructed puzzle with a good variety of clues. I especially liked DORADOS, which was last to go in and made me laugh out loud.

    Right, off to watch a bit of England thrashing the Saffers all around the park in Durban!

  5. walruss says:

    I think the definition comes ‘with’ the wordplay just as the wordplay comes ‘with’ the definition. It makes no difference to me. With the puzzle I would also say ‘mild and pleasant’.

  6. nmsindy says:

    Did not find it quite as easy as John, tho being familiar with the film certainly helped. My favourite clue was also DORADOS.

  7. sandra says:

    good to see you on here kathryn’s dad. positions eversed! my first try at the indy, and finished it but needed the blog for some which i didn’t totally understand. dorados i got from the crossing letters eg and saw Rod but not the rest.

  8. pennes says:

    Easier than other Gloworms i’ve done but got stuck on top left corner.
    6 ac. fable is also a hidden word: tale o(f a ble)ak tree; there is no hidden word indicator so was this by chance, and unnoticed?
    I was also hunting for a river/lake evilo (olive rev). there isn’t one.

  9. nmsindy says:

    I got FABLE on first run through seeing the letters. I think John tho is totally right in his explanation which I only understood after. So no hidden word indicator is needed, I think.

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