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AZED No. 1,961: No nuts at Christmas

Posted by The Trafites on 3rd January 2010

The Trafites.

Nick:  My first blog on AZED and luckily it was a (fairly!) straight forward plod after the herculean ‘Christmas Parcels’ competition (and what a word to clue to boot!).  Some nice words this week (as usual) and also nice to learn some real meanings of words that get lost in modern day parlance.

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Azed 1960 Christmas parcels – hard to unwrap!

Posted by bridgesong on 3rd January 2010


This was one of the hardest Azeds that I can remember. I was certainly in need of the additional time allowed, even during a holiday period. I found that I needed to make constant reference to Chambers, but with one small exception, all the clues were perfectly fair. Compiling them is not easy, as I found with my attempt at the competition clue. Getting a sensible surface reading is almost impossible. I think that this is a variation on a puzzle type that Azed has used before at Christmas: certainly “parcels” comes up as having been used before if you search for it on the (excellent) & lit website.

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