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Independent 7,244 by Raich

Posted by Simon Harris on 4th January 2010

Simon Harris.

Well, well! I wonder how familiar Raich will be to Independent-solving Fifteensquareders ;) I’ve tackled a few barred crosswords by Raich, including an Inquisitor that earned me a nice bottle of champagne, but I believe this is a debut as far as the weekday Independent is concerned, so congratulations to Raich.

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Guardian 24,898 (Rufus)

Posted by diagacht on 4th January 2010


I enjoyed this start to the week. It is all that you might expect from Rufus with the usual imaginative cryptic definitions. Read the rest of this entry »

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Private Eye/Cyclops 407 – Xmas Special, Dumb Britain

Posted by beermagnet on 4th January 2010


This year the theme is the Dumb Britain section which takes questions and silly answers that contestants to popular quiz programmes have provided.  The trick is to guess what the flailing contestant might have come up with in the heat of the moment. These clues are asterisked in the detail table below.

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Genius 78: Brummie — contrariwise

Posted by jetdoc on 4th January 2010


As Geniuses go, this was on the easy side — the preamble was explicit about what needed to be done, and the clues were pretty straightforward. For those who missed the preamble, which apparently was missing at first, it said: ‘Nine solutions must be converted into a contradictory word with the same number of letters before entry into the grid’.

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