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Independent 7246/Dac

Posted by John on January 6th, 2010


As always with Dac, a whole lot of transparently simple and elegant clues that leave one (me, at any rate) wondering how it was that they ever presented any problem. Yet some of them did, just the right amount, for they eventually fell, just as they should in a daily broadsheet cryptic.

1 PACK — 2 defs
10 OSMAN — (‘Nam so)rev. — founder of the Ottoman Empire
11 DREAMBOAT — 2 defs
12 PAST EU R — I was pleased to see this as I am using ‘to’ to mean ‘adjacent to’ in my January Azed clue — I had my doubts but if Dac can use it, well then it should be OK …
13 RUN-DOWN — 2 defs
14 OUT OF BOUNDS — 2 defs
18 DISTRIBUTOR — 2 defs
21 ON LEAVE — (a novel)* E
24 S{candal} 1 MP LET ON
25 T{h}RACE
26 MAIN STREET — (terminates)*
27 HEAT — 2 defs
1 POOH-POOH — (hoop)rev. (hoop)rev.
4 ANDERSON SHELTER — (near North Leeds)* around {fortie}s
5 A YEAR(1)N PRO VEN CE — quite brilliant
6 HE-MAN — h (name)rev.
7 THOLOS — tho’ (so{i}l)rev. — no, I hadn’t heard of it (either?)
8 DATING — 2 defs
9 UNDERFED — (refunded)*
15 SYBARITE — “sib a right”
17 OR(NAME)NT — there are some who would object to the use of NT for book, when the New Testament is a collection of books
19 P{ose} OS SUM
20 cALUMNIes
22 pAtRoLlErS

6 Responses to “Independent 7246/Dac”

  1. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Thanks, John. Absolutely in agreement – just the right amount of challenge, not a single ropy clue and some very clever surfaces.

  2. nmsindy says:

    Thanks for the blog, John. Excellent puzzle as always, esp liked RUN-DOWN, OUT OF BOUNDS, DATING.

  3. Ali says:

    An excellent summary of an excellent crossword. Thanks John and Dac! Loved 5D and 9D.

  4. Quixote says:

    Another very enjoyable puzzle from a talented colleague, hitting the nina-free spot. No disrespect whatever, but I’d have clued NT by books rather than book (this is more than a theological nicety for the Church Times crossword editor!).

  5. Jimbo says:

    V. good. Don’t know why, but I really liked SIMPLETON. :-)

  6. Allan_C says:

    I hadn’t heard of tholos either – but Google pointed me to Wikipedia; what would we do without them?

    But to be a wee bit pedantic about 1ac, a group of Scouts is not a pack but a troop; ‘pack’ refers to Cubs, but as they’re officially called Cub Scouts I suppose we can let it pass.

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