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Financial Times 13,277 / Bradman

Posted by smiffy on January 7th, 2010


This was something of a rope-a-dope experience for me, as I played Foreman to Bradman’s Ali. After charging through the first half – thinking the setter to be unusually tame today – I toiled through the latter stages and was finally defeated by a couple (lucky guess at 1A, wrong guess at 18D,  hopeful guess at 29A).  I’ll consider myself well and truly “stung by a butterfly.”

1 CRAMBO – cram + OB<.  An old game, unbeknown to me, which involves coming up with rhyming words.
4 SLUGGARD  s + lug + drag<.
9 CABLED – cab + led.
10 DOORSTOP – (The) Doors + top.  The irony being that it was Jim Morrison & Co’s relatively fluffy material (e.g. Light My Fire) that actually topped the charts.
12 AUTOCRAT – auto + c + rat.
13 DEGREE – (loose) cryptic def’n.
15 EROS – sore<
16 GRITTINESS – (strings tie)*
19/23 WASTEPAPER BASKET – cryptic de’n.
20 ORAL – hidden.
25 STRAW HAT – arts< + what.
27 THOROUGH – tho’ + rough.
28 RAPIER – RA + pier.
29 REPLACED – rep + laced (=”associated with Apple”??). Correction: my hopeful guess was barking up the wrong (apple) tree. It’s rep + eater (see comments)
30 BERGEN – hidden. A nice surface.  Fortunately, I have a colleague who hails from there – so this one rather jumped off the page at me.

1 COCKADE – cock (friend) + homophone of “aid”.
2 ALBATROSS – cryptic indication re: a score of three-under-par for a golf hole.
3 BREACH – r(iver) in beach.
5 LOOM – [-g]loom.
6 GARDENIA – (drainage)*. I assume that the “is OK” is merely padding for the surface reading.
7 ASTER – [-m]aster.
8 DEPRESS – PE< in dress.
11 FAIRFAX – re: Lord Fairfax (a Roundhead, although his pic here would seem to contradict that).  I got the fair (“reasonable”)  part readily enough, but took an inordinate amount of time to spot fax (“communication”) element.
14 STREWTH – St + (threw)*.
17 EARTHLING – ear + (l in thing).
18 DENEBOLA – (bed alone)*. From the Leo constellation. I erroneously plumped for NEBELODA.
19 WEBSTER – web + ster[n].  Re: the lexicographer of that name.
21 LATERAN – later + an.
22 GARAGE – rag< + age.  For the longest time, I tried to justify the answer PARADE (via rap<), but eventually manged to recall a type of music that ended in …age.
24 STOMP – m in stop. “Dance”, as in the stage show that involves people wielding trash cans and other “street percussion”.
26 OGLE – [b]ogle.

5 Responses to “Financial Times 13,277 / Bradman”

  1. Eileen says:

    Hi Smiffy

    I had REPEATER [firearm] for 29ac: REP + EATER [a type of apple, as opposed to a ‘cooker’].

    It was GARAGE that stumped me.

  2. Conrad Cork says:

    Smiffy. Rather you doing the blog today than me! The Don on very fine form. Ever a worthy opponent.

    IMO 29a is repeater. Rep + eater. Cunning but entirely legitimate use of misleading capitalisation.

  3. Tom_I says:

    Quite tough, but entertaining, I thought. I had to look up 1a and 18d, but the clues were very fair.

    I agree with the others about REPEATER at 29a.

  4. smiffy says:

    Thanks all for setting me straight on 29A. I wasn’t satisfied that replaced = fired, but my just couldn’t see any alternative by that point.

  5. benington says:

    Thanks for the blog Smiffy.

    I found this an excellent puzzle – lots of good clues like 14d and 10a.

    I’d heard of Deneb in the constellation of Cygnus so put in Denebola as the only place the ‘ola’ would fit and hoped for the best!

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