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Financial Times 13,281 / Armonie

Posted by Agentzero on January 12th, 2010


A generally entertaining puzzle; I learned a few new words today.  I’m sure I’ve missed the boat entirely on 6 down; any comments are welcome.

1 OBSOLESCENT OB (old boy=former pupil) SOLE (only) SCENT (trace)
7 PIT dd
9 GOUDA GO (spread) U (acceptable) DA (District Attorney=attorney)
11 NEGOTIATE OT (Old Testament=books) I in NEGATE (deny)
12 MATCH dd
13 SLEEP IN [Robert E.] LEE (general) in SPIN (trip)
15 TROT TORT (wrong) reversed
18 PAID P (parking) AID (subsidy)
20 CLEMENT ELEMENT with C (Cuba) replacing the initial E for Spain.  Collins gives, as a definition of ELEMENT, “a group that is part of a larger unit”
23 ARRAN ARRAN[T] (notorious).  Arran is an island off the coast of Scotland.
27 CHINA CHIN (feature) A (American)
28 SOT hidden
29 FORBEARANCE  BEAR A N (tolerate a knight) in FORCE (power)
2 SMUGGLER L (money) in SMUGGER (more self-satisfied)
3 LEAST S (point of the compass) in LEAT (race).  LEAT and RACE can both mean a water channel.  I found this difficult to parse; I spent some time wondering whether the point of the compass was E but could not find a common definition for LAST and RACE.
4 SUSTAIN US (crossword setters) in STAIN (disgrace)
5 EVIDENT ID (identification) in EVENT (proceeding)
6 TOTEM POLE A humorous definition (BRAVE STAFF).  The wordplay appears to be TO TEMPO (measure) L (large) E (force), but I am unsure about this.  In particular I’m not sure why TEMPO would be measure or E would be force, but I don’t see an alternative reading.
7 PELOTA LOT (set) in PEA (seed)
8 TRASHY ASH (tree) in TRY (experiment)
14 PLAINTIFF PLAIN (comprehensible) TIFF (argument)
17 STEERAGE STEER (livestock) AGE (time)
19 DESPAIR DES (some, French) PAIR (couple)
20 CORTEGE *(GET) in CORE (centre)
21 CARIES C (key) ARIES (sign)
22 ERRANT RE (soldiers) reversed + RANT (tirade)
25 INCUR IN (trendy) CUR[e] (therapy endlessly)

2 Responses to “Financial Times 13,281 / Armonie”

  1. Gaufrid says:

    Hi Agentzero
    Your parsing of 6dn is correct. In music, measure = strict time and tempo = time. E is the symbol for electromotive force.

  2. benington says:

    Thouroughly enjoyed this – thought 20a and 6d were very good.

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