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Financial Times 13,284 / Viking

Posted by shuchi on 15th January 2010


[Now that the crossword has been uploaded on the site, removing the placeholder and filling in the  analysis.]

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Beelzebub 1,038 (10/01/10)

Posted by Simon Harris on 15th January 2010

Simon Harris.

A very tough week for me, not helped by not being able to locate an unusually high number of the answers in Chambers, rather than just the names and places.

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Guardian 24,908 – Arachne

Posted by manehi on 15th January 2010


Found this quite tough to get into but got there in the end… some very clever cluing, I thought. Nice theme of eating and drinking, with some kind of nod towards it in every single clue.

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Independent 7254/Phi

Posted by John on 15th January 2010


The usual nice Phi, not too hard but one or two tricky ones.  I think the little Nina is just that 10ac refers to 11ac and 26ac refers to 25ac. Read the rest of this entry »

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Inquisitor 1107: Removals by Ploy

Posted by HolyGhost on 15th January 2010


Jumbles of words have to be removed from nine clues before solving; these words form five items and we have to black out a symmetrical two-word phrase in the completed grid that describes them. The final reason for their removal (12, two words), to be written below the grid, is playfully implied by single extra letters in the wordplay of the remaining clues.
I had completed about half the puzzle (mainly below the SW-NE diagonal) before I located the first jumble, in 7a. However, this immediately confirmed my early guesses of both the theme and the two words to be written below the grid.

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