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Private Eye/Cyclops 408 – Oiks, obviously

Posted by beermagnet on January 18th, 2010


I lost track of the weeks. I knew we would have an extra week over Xmas, but then by this Friday I realised I should’ve had a Private Eye by now. Assuming it was lost I bought one on the way to work. Naturally this resulted in finding my issue on the mat when I got home. Then I found the crossword submission should’ve been received by then.

Anyway I had other things to think about. The big news for me is that I’m a grandad for the first time!  The Magnet dynasty was increased by one in the first week of this decade. A bit earlier than expected and with a nasty problem near the end, but with the wonders of modern science plus the skill of the surgeon everything is OK now. Despite the bad press Milton Keynes General do get some satisfied customers. Now expecting the little blighter to get a bit bigger than the 6lbs-ish he started with. Anyway, nice to have a good reason to raise a glass or two (except that I hadn’t got much left after Xmas and had to nip down the offy).

So what about this crossword – typically enjoyable stuff with enough to keep anyone happy for a couple of pints with groans and laughs in equal measure.

1/25/21 STATE THE BLEEDING OBVIOUS Not at all obvious to me. Yet again, I needed an embarrassingly large number of crossing letters before the penny dropped that this was a Double Def. with one def. by example. The laugh raised when I got it means it gets my favourite clue award:
Say, for instance, you found a slasher movie gory, don’t startle anyone (5,3,8,7)
6 BOBBIN BOB (Toss) [kno]B IN Def: cylinder. Not the first cylinder one thinks of. My last answer, due to this unfamiliar correspondence. The bobbin in the family sewing machine doesn’t look totally cylindrical to me. I can think of more familiar cylindrical objects that Cyclops might’ve been expected to refer to …
9 PULPIT PULP IT Def. Speaker’s support. If the enumeration had been (4,2) the clue could stay the same and the wordplay and the def. would simply swap roles. Personally I suggest treat Archer novels with the current advice for telephone directories in this cold weather – provided you have a log fire.
10 OUTBURST OUT (reveal) BUST (tits) around R[oue] Def. ejaculation
11 CHAPATTI CHAP (man) (A TIT)* AInd: snapped. Slight unusual speling possibly?
13 FAGGOT Double Def. I suppose the question mark is there because a Faggot is a bunch of sticks rather than “some stick”
16 OIKS (IS OK)* AInd: to be broadcast. The Def. refers to the comic strip “Yobs” which typically appears on the same page as the crossie, and the way Boris Johnson normally refers to Yobs as Oiks, as on this “knight on shining bicycle” occasion
19 COMMISSION C[onservative], M[ember] inside OMISSION
22 SHIRTY (HIRST)* AInd: pickled, then Y[ak] First I wrote in – the clue and answer fair leapt at me from the page at first glance. Not sure why:
Stroppy Hirst’s pickled yak’s head (6)
23 RETRIEVE (CREDIT EVER – CD)* AInd: crunched
27 CONDOM CON (political party) DOOM – O (ring escaping ruin)
28 GRUDGE DG (BBC head) inside (URGE)* AInd: perverted
29 TOP BRASS P[ressure] BRA (underwear) inside TOSS (shy)
2 TOUGHEN UGH (how horrible) inside (TONE)* AInd: crazy Def. temper, as in strengthening metal by tempering it
3 TOP-UP TOP (object of spin) UP (elevate)
4/6 TIT BIT T[ime] IT (sex) BIT (mouthpiece)
5 EMOTING (IT GNOME)* AInd: involved with
7 BOURGEOIS [la]BOUR then I (one) inside (insersion ind: without) (GOES)* AInd: around. Wherein I yet again find it hard to spell downwards, especially words with two or more adjacent vowels e.g. Lied/Leid. Thus 16A Oiks remained uncracked for a while.
8 IN STOCK (CONS KIT)* AInd: off
12 TWITCHY TWIT (dumbo) C[ameron] H[air]Y
13 FADDIST (DAD)* AInd: about, inside FIST (duke). We had the duke/fist connection in the last (Xmas) issue and it fooled me there
15 BOYFRIEND (BONER DRY IF – R)* AInd: nuts Def. Squeeze, in its slangy nounal sense
18 INHALER (HERNIAL)* AInd: surgery Def. refers to Bill Clinton’s admission that he tried a joint in his youth “But I did not inhale”. Lovely surface reading here too:
The product of hernial surgery, so no youthful Clinton? (7)
20 MR RIGHT Double (cryptic) Defs. Not sure I want to think about either of these too much:
Tony in Cherie’s eyes, when he ditched traditional Labour principles? (2,5)
24/17 INNER CITY [s]INNER (bad guy lacking capital) CITY (financial centre)
26/27 ICE CAP ([s]SPACE CI[a])<

Postscript from the Xmas blog comments: Double L Rottweillers spotted in the “Annabel Goldsmith” Diary (as told to Craig Brown) section – so it’s not just Cyclops with the LL obsession. (Mind you, there is also the double T chapatti in these answers … )

Beer quotes:
He was a wise man who invented beer.
Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.
–Benjamin Franklin
Beauty lies in the hands of the beer holder.
(That’s enough plagiarising for cheap laughs.  Ed.)

3 Responses to “Private Eye/Cyclops 408 – Oiks, obviously”

  1. Craig Jones says:

    Due to the surface reading of 6A I actually thought of BOBBIT rather than bobbin (poor Wayne).

    I failed miserably to complete the grid this time around, in fact after a good run when I first started I rarely seem to finish them now… have they become more difficult over the last month or so?

    Thanks for the blog, and congrats on your news :-)

  2. John King says:

    Craig, I thought this one was harder than usual. 1A being not bleeding obvious at all, and the badly spelt CHAPATTI taking ages to go in while I was thinking of Italian breads.

  3. bamberger says:

    Bobbin last one in for me and used a solver to see if there were any other possibilities as this one wasn’t obvious. Yes found this quite hard.

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