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Independent 7261 by Dac (Saturday Prize Puzzle 23 January 2010)

Posted by duncanshiell on January 29th, 2010


This is the first puzzle by Dac that I have blogged.  I didn’t find anything too difficult.  I’m not sure how long this took as I did it whilst watching Saturday afternoon football programmes on the box.

Although there are two (or three) Labour politicians, a jazz guitarist, a play and a musical in the answers, I don’t think I can link them together to make a sensible Nina.  I think that a male politician becomes a statesman once he is dead.

The best I can offer is that the solution is a pangram, in that all the letters of the alphabet are used at least once.

The combination I am least sure of is 1a/1d where I have gone for FETE and FACE-ACHE without really liking either clue if I have got them right.  I may well be wrong.

Wordplay Entry
1 FATE (destiny, outcome) sounds like (you might say) FETE.  Some  people may well pronounce these two words differently, but Chambers gives two pronunciations for FETE (fet or fãt, one of which matches the pronunciation it gives for FATE (fãt). FETE (outdoor function, festival; fair)
3 DOUBLET (old fashioned garment) + ON ([garment] being worn) DOUBLETON ([the possession of]two cards of a suit in a hand)
9 CANDID (open) + A CANDIDA (play by George Bernard Shaw)
10 COMPARTMENT (section of old railway carriage) excluding (has been removed) PART COMMENT (remark)
11 Hidden word in (used by) …McLAREN Automobiles. ARENA (stadium)  &Lit?
12 Anagram of (rudely) IGNORE OLD GONDOLIER (boatman)
13 H (first letter of (initially) Hound + anagram of (all over the place) DOES URINATE HOUSE-TRAINED (a hound that is not house-trained urinates all over the place)
17 First letter of (primarily) Authenticity contained in (in) (VERI (sounds like [report of] VERY [true] + FICTION [romantic fiction]) VERIFICATION (check)
20 CALL (name) + A + GHANA (African land, excluding the final [most of] A) CALLAGHAN (James Callaghan, British Prime Minister 1976-1979.  Also served as Chancellor, Foreign Secretary and Home Secretary)
22 TR (Turkey) + first three letters (western half) of IBERIA TRIBE (people)
23 CON (Conservative; Tory) + QUIETER excluding middle three letters (having lost heart) CONQUER (defeat)
24 Anagram of (trip) A NILE + EG (for example, say) reversed (is back) LINEAGE (ancestry; family)
25 P (penny; little money) + (SENT contained in [into] RELY [bank]) PRESENTLY (now)
26 First letters of (primarily) Emend Details In Text EDIT (emend text) &Lit


Wordplay Entry
1 FACE-ACHE (pain suffered by defeated boxer[?]) FACE-ACHE (neuralgia in the nerves of the face) Double definition
2 TANKED UP (prepared for a long car journey [?]) TANKED UP (having drunk a large amount of alcohol) Double definition
3 DJ (radio presenter) + anagram of (composition) ANOTHER DARING DJANGO REINHARDT (jazz guitarist; musician)
4 ALLY (friendlly nation) below (supports) (UN [‘a’ foreign {French}] + CONDITION [state]) UNCONDITIONALLY (no questions asked).  I was initially looking at wordplay using an anagram of NATION
5 LIMBO (the borderland of Hell reserved for the unbaptised; where lost souls go) LIMBO (reference LIMBO dance)
6 HEW (cut) contained in (amid) WIZ (using many of the letters [much] of WHIZ, WHIZZ, WHIZZY, WHIZZO or something like that meaning excitement [?].  WIZ is given in the Shorter Oxford as a variant on WHIZZ).  It could simply be a cut-down version of THE WIZard of Oz, but I like HEW = cut. THE WIZ (1970s musical based on The Wizard of Oz; the original starred Judy Garland)
7 YON (that) containing (defended by) RAT (traitor) all reversed (upwardly mobile) NOTARY (official authorised to certify deeds etc; legal expert)
8 MI (motorway [M1]) + LANES (country roads) + E (first letter of [heading] East) MILANESE (Italian [from Milan])
14 EX (no longer) + ACTING (thespian’s art) EXACTING (demanding)
15 MILI (half the letters of [semi] MILItant) + BAND (faction) MILIBAND (reference David Miliband [current British Foreign Secretary] or his brother Ed (current British Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change)
16 Anagram of (dancing) IN STREET INTEREST (what one enjoys)
18 I (one) + C (about) + PACE (walk) reversed (over) ICE CAP (part of the Antarctic, amongst other parts of the world, hence the ‘?’ in the clue)
19 LUNG (breather) contained in (during) PE (physical education; gym session) PLUNGE (take a dip)
21 A + CUT (clipped) + E (English) ACUTE (accent in the sense of a mark over a letter indicating forms of pronunciation)

4 Responses to “Independent 7261 by Dac (Saturday Prize Puzzle 23 January 2010)”

  1. MikeI says:

    I had 6 down as HEW (cut) amid TIZ (much excitement) to give “THE WIZ”

  2. duncan shiell says:

    Yes – you are right. For some reason I was fixated on HEW inside WIZ when, of course, it is HEW inside TIZ! There’s usually one clue in every crossword when I go down a wordplay blind alley and never stand back and look at what I have actually got.

  3. nmsindy says:

    I think this appeared on the day because it was the centenary of the birth of 3 down. Great puzzle as always from Dac, I think your interpretations of FATE and FACE-ACHE are correct, they’re the same as mine anyway. Had no problems with them tho once I understood them, it was the last part I solved.

  4. Bill says:

    Enjoyed it.Dhango Reinhardt first clue I got.Getting better!

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