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Inquisitor 1109 Short Cut by Schadenfreude

Posted by Hihoba on January 29th, 2010


As usual with a Schadenfreude offering there were a lot of unfamiliar words – LYTTA, DONAT, PACHALIC and NITID to name but four! The clues were scupulously fair, though one of them has defeated us for total understanding (see 38D), and we have slight reservations about SET-TOS – the hyphen held us up for a while. A couple of surnames too – Orbison and Calder. I (Hi) now use the internet for all this kind of lookup, so am unaware whether they appear in biographical dictionaries. I have to admit that without computer aids I would not have managed to complete this puzzle. Anyone who did has my admiration!

Both Ba and I  (Ho has inconsiderately gone on holiday) finished the left half much more easily than the right half, and it wasn’t until there seemed to be some clues giving answers that were one letter short – my first two were ALBERT[] and CLASSI[]S – that the theme began to appear as a column of blank squares starting between cells 5 and 6.

Much clue solving later the top row became CARIBBEAN SEA while the bottom row was PACIFIC OCEAN. The excavation joining them was the PANAMA CANAL and, to applause from Ba and Hi, all the words with letters missing became new words. So CLASSI[]S became CLASSICS, ALBERT[] became ALBERTA etc. I have listed them all below.


Normal clues are explained in the grid below. I have ignored the extra letters indicated above.

 10  ARDEB – a measure; A +[RED]* + B 
 11  LIABLE – exposed to risk; AB + L in LIE (lodge)
 13  CALDER – a sculptor; [CLEAR]* round D
 14  ABIES – tree; (R)ABIES
 15  DONAT – a primer; DO (finish) + TAN reversed
 18  ALBERT – a chain; [(s)T(o)R(e) ABLE]*
 20  NEB-NEB – bablah pods; BEN + BEN (two meanings) reversed
 22  SITTING – a clutch; IT + TIN in S(ierra) G(olf)
 25  IRAQI – form of arabic; one letter each for I+R+A+Q+I
 26  RECTO – fromt page; [C TORE]*
 28  CLASSIS – a group; IS after C(oloured) LASS
 31  SET-TOS – arguments; SET + SOT reversed
 34  EDILES – magistrates; SEE round LID all reversed
 37  NATES – bottom; N(ote) and S(oprano) round ATE
 39  UPEND – greatly affect; U(niversity) D(epartment) round PEN
 40  RETTED – soaked;TT (dry) inside REED
 41  ROSTRA – platforma; OR reversed + R in STA(tion)
 42  NITID – bright; TIN reversed + ID
 1  PACHALIC – governor’s domain; [A CALIPH C]*
 2  CRAWLER – yes-man; CR(own) + [LAW(Y)ER]*
 3  AD-LIB – freely; D(raw) in A LIB
 4  REDDED – tidied up; (ha)D + D(aughter) in REED (a Scottish yard)
 5  BURN – a stream; Rabbie BURN(s)
 6  ELVAN – tricky; EL + VAN
 7  NABOB – a VIP; OB following NAB
 8  ELEVEN – soccer team; EL + EVE + N
 9  AESC – an old letter; [CASE]*
 12  BIONICS – natural computer applications; B + IONICS (philosopher’s study)
 16  ORBISON – Roy – a singer; OR (before) + BI’S (bisexuals or AC/DC’s) + ON
 17  TETRODE – a valve; TETE round ROD
 19  TSHI – African dialect; [IT’S H(ard)]*
 21  MAATJES – fish; [TEA’S JAM]*
 23  IN SE – essential qualities; IE round N(ew) S(ection) 
 24  GORSEDDS – assemblies; GODS round R (King) + SED which is a (John) Miltonic spelling of “said” (spoken)
 27  THEREIN – in it; THERE(M)IN is the electronic instrument – and a very beautiful one too!
 29  LEIPOA – a bird; LEA round I PO
 30  HISTIE – barren (Scottish); [THIS]* + IE
 32  TANTI – worthwhile; T + ANTI
 35  LYTTA – part of tongue; hidden reversed in fATTY Laterally
 36  RURP – a piton; PUR (the jack in “post and pair” – not a common game nowadays!) reversed round R
 38  TRIO – Cream (the 1960s rock band) were a trio; We assume R is queen, but don’t understand how TIO becomes Yes! Or is it that we have a trio of trios?


6 Responses to “Inquisitor 1109 Short Cut by Schadenfreude”

  1. IanN14 says:

    Can you tell us the full clue for 38d.?
    I remember being satisfied with it when I did it, but it’s long since been thrown out.
    I know neither Queen nor Yes were trios…

  2. nmsindy says:

    I think it may be R = Queen I = aye (yes) in TO (for)

  3. HolyGhost says:

    I had the same understanding of 38d as nmsindy, tho’ it was the last answer that I resolved.

  4. Mike Laws says:

    This was the clue, Ian:

    38 Yes and Queen standing in for Cream perhaps (4)

    nsmindy’s right, “standing” indicating an upward reversal.

  5. IanN14 says:

    Thanks Mike,
    I do remember it now.

  6. Hihoba says:

    Thank you for the elucidation of 38D. I also struggled with 24D – the connection between “John” and “Milton” escaped me for a long time!

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