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Private Eye/Cyclops 409 – Doleful Nemesis

Posted by beermagnet on February 1st, 2010


Anyone would think the crossword was on Page 3 given the number of pairs of tits on view in the wordplay, usually as anagram fodder – there’s floppy tits, daft tits and of course tits out, as well as the occasional Bristol.

9 SPITTLE SPIT (depth of earth, as in the length of the head of a spade) T[ime] L[ength] E[arth] Relatively easy start. A nice allusion to Stephen Hawking and his theories about time and space.
10 INTENSE Homophone “in tents”
11 TACIT A/C (air conditioning) in TIT (Bristol)
12 TATTOOIST TA (thanks), TO O (to ring) inserted in (TITS)* AInd: floppy. I liked the Def: Skinny decorator, though I’m not so sure I like the image created by the whole clue’s surface reading. Nevertheless for the shiver of disgust it caused it must get my top clue badge:
Skinny decorator, thanks to ring inserted in floppy tits (9)
13/23 SNIPCOCK AND TWEED SNIP (bargain) COCK (dick) (DAN)* AInd: disturbed, T[om] WEED (pissed) Def. Our publishers. That is, the “publishers” that appear in the strip cartoon on the Literary Review page.
16 GAFFE GAFF (house in cockney) [Clark]E I had an idea that Gaff and Gaffe were etymologically related but I can’t find anything to support that.
18 ELM Hidden in brothEL Madam. Not many elms left in England now
19 YEMEN SEMEN swap S for Y
21 REWARD (DRAW,ER)< Pull, Brenda, reversed, Def: Prize
26 AD NAUSEAM (SAUNA MADE)* AInd: pear-shaped. Another regular Eye column, on the TV and Media page, though not directly referenced in the clue.
27 TENTH TENT (temporary cover) H[enry] (unit of inductance) Def. small part
29 DOLEFUL Def + CD – but does it work? Surely the plea would be “Doleless”?:
Miserable as the plea of unemployed claiment? (7)
30 NEMESIS (SIN SEEM)* AInd: fantastic. Def. It refers to this famous ride at Alton towers which I will make sure I will never ever ever get on.
1 PSST Homophone: “pissed” (rat-arsed) Not sure the snake has got to do with it:
Hey, liten to this: the snake’s “rat-arsed”? (4)
2 MISCHIEF Homophone: “miss chief” Last to go in. (The last is often a homophone) This clue was quite long and I couldn’t see what it was on about. In retrospect it was very clear about the people involved – could’ve shortened to use only surnames to create more red herrings:
“Funny business” – not what Boris Johnson was heard to say after Ian Blair had left? (8)
3 STATIC (AS C TIT)* AInd: daft
5/15 FIFTH AMENDMENT DD. That’s the one where you are allowed to remain silent so as not to incriminate yourself (unless you have been “extraordinarily rendered” to Guantanamo or elsewhere when it doesn’t count for much)
6 ATTORNEY TORN (ripped off) inside (YET)< (still rising) Not sure the clue needs the question mark.
7 UNWISE (SWINE FLU – FL)* AInd: pissed
8 JETTISONED JE (I in french), (TITS)* AInd: out, (DONE)* AInd: over
13 SUGAR DADDY (D DRUGS A DAY)* AInd: shifting
17 EARMUFFS EAR (spike, as in wheat) MUFFS (Fanny’s)
20 MEEKNESS E (way – i.e. East) (KEN)* AInd: screwy, all inside MESS (in the shit)
22 WANGLE W[estminster] ANGLE (view)
24 TOTEMS TOTE (hump – as in carry) MS (M and S)
25/14 HELL’S ANGELS (L ELLEN SHAGS)* AInd: stupid
28 HISS PISS (to be a peer – as in pee-er) replace P by H. A certain symmetry with 1D PSST I felt.

There was a young curate of Kew
Who kept a black cat in a pew
He taught it each week
One letter from Greek
But never got further than µ

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  1. Bellers says:

    Spit meaning “a spade depth” is new to me. Does anyone else make use of the define:<word> keyword on Google? I’m off to try it now…

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