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Independent 7,270/Dac

Posted by Ali on 3rd February 2010


I found this a bit tougher than the average Dac. There are quite a few single word answers of 10 or more characters and these often seem to slow me down. Lovely clueing as always though.

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Financial Times 13,300 / Aardvark

Posted by Gaufrid on 3rd February 2010


I’m sorry to say that I found this puzzle rather uninspiring, though that may just be me. Some of the surfaces seemed contrived, or made little sense, and the nature of the wordplay meant that there were no enjoyable PDMs. In fact I was reminded of the comments I made in the first paragraph of my post on November 18th (#13,237). Having said that, I rather liked 6dn.

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Guardian 24,924 – Araucaria

Posted by Andrew on 3rd February 2010


An enjoyable puzzle from Araucaria today that was of the “just right” level of difficulty for me in a daily puzzle, and with not too many extreme liberties taken. The theme is words (highlighted below) that make a phrase when preceded by the word at 12 across, clued as “after 12″

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