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Financial Times 13,300 / Aardvark

Posted by Gaufrid on February 3rd, 2010


I’m sorry to say that I found this puzzle rather uninspiring, though that may just be me. Some of the surfaces seemed contrived, or made little sense, and the nature of the wordplay meant that there were no enjoyable PDMs. In fact I was reminded of the comments I made in the first paragraph of my post on November 18th (#13,237). Having said that, I rather liked 6dn.

1 SO BE IT  OBE (award) in SIT (model) – ‘is given’ seems superfluous to both the wordplay and the surface
4 TRANSEPT  [dres]S in *(PATTERN)
9 RENOIR  hidden reversal in ‘tRIO NERvously’
12 JAIL  J (judge) AIL (suffer)
13 BAMBI  BA (graduate) MB (doctor) I[nject]
14 CREE  CREE[p] (page avoids yes-man)
17 VIRGINIA WADE  VIRGINIA (US state) homophone of ‘weighed’ (considered)
20 RICHARD ADAMS  RICH (full) AD (commercial) in *(DRAMAS)
23 HEAL  E (drug) in HAL (Harry)
24 TAGUS  [q]U[iz] in TAGS (names)
25 FARL  FAR[mer] (agriculturist wanting only half) L (left)
28 ROULETTE  LET (permitted) in *(OUTER)
29 LUGOSI  LUG (pull) OS (huge) I (international) – Béla Lugosi, the actor who played Count Dracula
30 BROOKLYN  ORB reversed (ball around) OK (fair) LYN[x] (tailless cat)
31 GAMBIT  GAMB[on](actor Michael gives up on) IT

1 SARAJEVO  JA (German agreed) in OVER (surplus) AS (when) reversed
2 BANDITRY  N (new) DI (inspector) in BAT (club) RY (tracks)
3 IRIS  IR (taxmen) I[nvestigate] S[ky]
6 NOAH  *(AN[imal] HO[me])
7 ENTIRE  ENT (department of hospital) IRE (raging)
8 TUREEN  [satellit]E in *(TUNER)
11 DANISH PASTRY  SH (mum) *(AIDS PAN) TRY (attempt)
15 DIGIT  DIG (poke) I[nsec]T
16 AD-MAN  [m]ADMAN (releasing head from nut)
18 CATACOMB  C[anal] AT A COMB (one goes through locks)
19 PSALMIST  [band]S in PAL (friend) MIST (blur)
21 CHERUB  CHE (revolutionary) RUB (cosmetic) – I can find no support for rub=cosmetic. The nearest definition is in COED: “an ointment designed to be rubbed on the skin”
22 CARUSO  CAR (wheels) U (top-class) S (soprano) O (old)
26 PECK  PE (training) C[hic]K
27 JURA  JUR[y] (twelve fair people taking year out) A – a small mountain range north of the Alps

2 Responses to “Financial Times 13,300 / Aardvark”

  1. flex says:

    Got Virginia Wade quite quickly, but wondered why there was no homophone indicator – shouldn’t there be something like, “we hear” to indicate this? I’m a newbie…

    16D is neat.

  2. Gaufrid says:

    Hi flex
    The homophone indicator in 17ac is ‘broadcasting’ as in ‘on the air’, another homophone indicator that you will come across.

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