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Independent on Sunday 1042 by Quixote – 31 Jan 2010

Posted by nmsindy on February 4th, 2010


Solving time, 26 mins, found top half harder than bottom half.

* = anagram  < = reversed


1 TH(e) WAR conflicT

5 (d)IVAN

8 LEGIT (I’M)ATISED     I’m in (I get details)*

10 ASCENDER   Double definition

11 ENNEAD    A group of nine

12 OFFERS    coffers less c (about)

14 NE (PALE S)E     High-up = country with mountains

15 GIN GE (eg<) RED

18 NO (UGH)T

20 INSOLE   Cryptic definition   court = court shoe, I guess

21 MOLE CULE   (clue)*

23 SEDIMENTATION   (tainted monies)*

24 HEAP   hidden



2 HYGIENE   “Hi Jean”    A big breakthrough in the puzzle to see this.


4 T (A MAR) IN    New word for me that I worked out from the wordplay

5 IN THE OPEN    Open Golf tournament and Tiger Woods.   Definition: visible to all

6 ARSEN(e) Wenger A London   &lit      For non-footy types, Arsene Wenger is the manager of the London club, Arsenal.

7 CLOSE FRIENDS   Close = the precincts of a cathedral

9 DRAWS THE LINE    Double definition

13 STREET MAP   (A tempter’s)*

16 GEORDIE   (dire ego)*   Person from Newcastle area

17 D EMANDS   (sad men)*

19 UNCTION   function less f

22 LO AMY     Amy from Louise May Alcott’s novel “Little Women”

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  1. Bill says:

    Finished it but a lot longer than 26 minutes!!

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