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Inquisitor 1110 – I beg your pardon by Lato

Posted by petebiddlecombe on 5th February 2010


Inquisitor puzzles must be subject to the same kind of rule as umbrellas – if I fail to notice that it’s my turn to blog and do them in a hurry, they turn out to be really difficult. This time I did notice and tackled this puzzle on the day of publication. Result: it took about 60 minutes, with only 8 looks at Chambers for me – I can imagine less experienced solvers needing more, but about a dozen looks would probably be enough.

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Beelzebub 1,041 (31/01/10)

Posted by Simon Harris on 5th February 2010

Simon Harris.

A mixed week for me. I proudly managed all but a handful quite quickly without opening a dictionary, stumbled on a couple more, then failed on 4dn having inexplicably written in HORNPIPE at 4ac. More care is clearly needed in future.

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Guardian 24926 / Rover

Posted by mhl on 5th February 2010


A quick solve for us apart from 12 across, which I don’t understand.

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Financial Times 13,302 / Adamant

Posted by shuchi on 5th February 2010


Plenty of anagrams made this an easy ride.

I have questions at one or two places, indicated along with the answers to clues.

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Independent 7272/Phi

Posted by John on 5th February 2010


The usual good product from Phi. Several enormous anagrams — he must have been out with his Scrabble tiles. Read the rest of this entry »

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