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Azed 1966: Know-how

Posted by jetdoc on February 7th, 2010


Better late than never, I hope. I was relieved finally to retrieve my solved copy of this from the recycling bin, as I did not want to find time for re-solving it before doing the blog. The clues are fairly straightforward and — as always — absolutely sound, but I needed my dictionary to confirm the existence of quite a few words. I think the best Azeds are the ones where we learn new words, and this was definitely in that class.

I like several clues, but I don’t have a special favourite this time.

1 CUM-SAVVY *(Camus V V Y)
7 CHAD Double definition — Lake Chad; a fish, also called a shad. Also C = 100; had = known.
10 AUDIOPHILE *(I I help a duo)
11 LAMBS First letters of ‘line are making baa-ing sounds’. As well as the definition ‘innocents’, an &lit in the wordplay.
12 SIGIL LIG (sponge) IS, reversed. A seal, signet; a magical mark or sign.
14 PYELITIS Pye = type confusedly mixed, a mixed state; confusion; lit = drunk; is. Inflammation of the pelvis of the kidney.
15 PITCHMEN *(chimp net). Advertising men, especially in the media.
17 LANTANA Hidden in ‘plant an American’. A perennial flowering plant.
19 TOAST *(a sot); T = time. ‘Drink to’ is the definition.
21 EDUCE ‘Deuce’ (two, a low throw in dice), with its first two letters reversed.
23 STARNIE *(streain) — ‘streamin’ minus M, the fifth letter of November. A diminutive Scottish word for a star, given under stern in Chambers.
25 VORAGOES VOR = an American aid to aircraft navigation (Very-High-Frequency Omni-Directional-Range); GO = progress; in SEAS reversed (ebbing ocean). Gulfs, given under voraginous in Chambers
28 ALLOSAUR ALL = complete; OS = bone; U = university; AR = Arabia. A genus of large theropod dinosaur.
30 SIFTS *(fit); in SS, ‘on board, on a ship’.
31 FIBRO ‘Orb if’ reversed. In Australia, a building-board made of a compressed asbestos and cement mixture.
32 OVERSTATED *(E Toad v Rest). Mr Toad is a character in the novel The Wind in the Willows, prone to impulsive desires and obsessions.
33 ZENO ZEN = a Japanese branch of Buddhism; O = old. Zeno of Citium, the founder of the Stoic school of philosophy.
34 LESTRADE LEST = in case; *(read). Inspector Lestrade, a Scotland Yard detective appearing in several of the Sherlock Holmes stories.
1 CULPA LEVIS CUL[men] = peak, ‘the highest point; the top ridge of a bird’s bill’; PALE = feeble; VIS = strength. In legalese, a fault of little importance; excusable neglect.
2 UMAYYAD U = universal; MAY = might; DAY, reversed. the Umayyad Caliphate was the second of the four Islamic caliphates established after the death of Muhammad.
3 MAMEY ME = Middle East; MAY = part of summer. An alternative spelling of Mammee apple.
4 SUBLET Hidden in ‘chasuble that’.
5 VINT VAT, a fermentation vessel, with IN instead of A. Given under vintage in Chambers.
6 VOLITATE LIT = landed; A = one; VOTE = cross (what we write on our ballot papers). Given under volitant in Chambers. Neat clue.
7 CHI-RHO H = husband; CHIRO = denoting hand. The Chi-Rho is one of the earliest forms of christogram.
8 HIGHMAN HIGH[way]MAN. A loaded die.
9 ALIVE AVE = greeting; containing LI[on], reversed
13 LENTEN ROSE *(N Noel trees). Helleborus orientalis
16 INSOLATE ISOLATE, containing N (last of sun). To insolate is ‘to expose to the sun’s rays’, so this is a sort of &lit.
18 NUROFEN Hidden in (swallowed by) ‘oneforunfortunates’, reversed.
20 SILURID IS, reversed; LURID = ghastly. Siluridae is a family of catfish.
22 CASTRO C = Cuba, in the list of international vehicle registration codes; *(a sort). Fidel Castro
24 ROSIER R = river; OSIER = willow. Double definition — a rose bush; more rosy.
26 OLIVE OLIVE[tan]. The Order of Our Lady of Mount Olivet
27 LABDA B = front of bonnet; in LADA. Apparently, the more correct spelling of the Greek letter lambda, the upper-case form of which resembles an upside-down V.
29 LIAS SAIL reversed (entry number 2 in Chambers). The Lower Jurassic period.

4 Responses to “Azed 1966: Know-how”

  1. Andrew Kitching says:

    Enjoyed this. A bit harder than devious week. I liked LABDA

  2. liz says:

    Thanks, Jetdoc. Needed to rely heavily on the usual aids to finish, but very enjoyable. Thanks for the explanations of the clues where the wordplay escaped me.

  3. Harris says:

    Very much enjoyed this, as you say a good number of pleasing unusual words.

    Was interested to see 34ac – the Times puzzle 3,103 that was reprinted recently for the 80th anniversary clued it like this:

    Though “busy” in fiction, he suggests a decline in business

    Azed’s version is somewhat tighter!

  4. cholecyst says:

    Harris: Thanks for the Times clue. I now realize I’ve been mispronouncing Lestrade all my life! I thought it went Le Strade as though it were French.

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