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Financial Times 13,307 /Hamilton

Posted by smiffy on February 11th, 2010


My first encounter with Hamilton, although our search archive suggests that he/she has appeared at least a couple of times before in previous months (perhaps Gaufrid can induct Hamilton into our setters’ Roll of Honour page…. is there a minimum number of puzzles threshold?).  Overall, this was an enjoyable enough romp.  On the Hamiltonian entertainment scale, I’d rate it closer to the Lewis grade than the ‘Diddy’ David level.

1 BIRTH RATE – cryptic def’n.
7 PEARL – ear in PL.
11 ORESTES – (seers to)*.  The anagrind here needs to be taken as an imperative here, I think.
12 RAMPAGE – amp in rage.  I consider the quivalence between amp and “current” a tad sloppy (shouldn’t that be amperage?) but forgivable.
13 GOO – goo{d}
14 MOMENTARILY – moment + homophone of “airily”.
17 SIEVE – IV (rent asunder) in see.
18 MOA – hidden.
19 PINED – pi + NE + d[aughter].
21 TRENT BRIDGE – T[endulkar}  + (b + deterring)*.
23 TUB – {s}tub{s}.
25 IMMORAL – I’m moral.
27 LAID OFF – (dial)< + off.  Another personal quibble, but device-by-(not)-antonym  wordplay always seems logically ambiguous to me.
28 HONED – {p}honed.
29 NIGHTFALL – (light flan)*.

1 OBLONG – OB + long.  I refer the Honourable Gentlemen to the peccadillo I raised at 27A.
2 GRUESOME – homophone of “grew some”.
3 THE TEMPEST – The + (E + MP) in test.  For a while I thought this was a faulty clue, before realising that our politico here is a hybrid (European + MP) rather than a straight MEP.
4 JAWS – double def’n.
6 SPAM – (maps)<
7 SAFARI – alternate letters in “staff carry it”.
8 BLUE-EYED – (Oxbridge) Blue + eyed.
15 MEMORY LANE – (more laymen)*.
16 APPRECIATE – double def’n.
17 SIT TIGHT – (it +t{o}) in sight.  My favourite clue of the bunch.
20 NOTIONAL – not + {reg}ional.
22 ERMINE – Rm in eine.  A rare outing for the feminine variant of the Teutonic ‘a’.
24 BAFFLE – double def’n.
26 RIDE – (dire)*.
28 LOGO – initial letters.

One Response to “Financial Times 13,307 /Hamilton”

  1. Nathan Jesurasingham says:

    Very enjoyable puzzle. I liked 25a, 4d and 8d.

    How long has Hamilton been setting FT puzzles?

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